A Safe Companion for Suburban Dogs in 2024: Aorkuler Pet Tracker


About 66% of people in the United States own a pet. Of those, 97% of pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family. Dogs are the most popular of these American pets. There are a lot of pet owners who have dogs in the suburbs. Dogs can run free when their parents take them out for walks.

Dogs love to chase squirrels in the suburban. They usually do not hurt the squirrels but have fun chasing them. Some dogs will return to their owners after having fun. But some dogs may get lost in the suburbs.

If the dog parents don't take any safety measures for their dogs, finding them will become difficult.

So, we will recommend some tools for dog parents that can protect their dogs. For example, a leash, a microchip for dogs, and an Aorkuler pet tracker.


Dog parents who keep their dogs on a leash can effectively protect their dogs from getting lost and getting into car accidents.

It also prevents dogs from barking suddenly and hurting passers-by. Though most dogs are docile, some may be territorial when it comes to strangers.

When dog parents leash their dogs, they can keep them under control in case of an unexpected situation.

That's why most areas of the United States require dog parents to keep their dogs on a leash when taking them outside.

Of course, not all dog parents are comfortable with the requirement of keeping their dogs on a leash at all times. Some dog parents don't choose to leash their dogs after training their dogs.

There are many comments on Reddit about dogs on leashes. One of the comments states that the chances of problems with a well-trained dog are slim. However, training a dog is not an easy process.

We recommend that dog parents carry a leash when taking their dogs outside. In crowded places, dog parents can leash their dogs. In less crowded places, dog parents can utilize other tools to keep their dogs safe.

2.Microchip for Dogs

A microchip for dogs is an electronic chip encapsulated in a small glass cylinder. It uses RFID technology and is the size of a grain of rice.

A dog microchip can store information about the dog and the dog's parents. Some microchips can also store the dog's medical records and vaccinations.

After the veterinarian implants it in the dog, the dog's parents have to fill in the information on the mobile app.

When someone picks up a lost dog and delivers it to a veterinary hospital or shelter. The veterinarian can use a scanner to scan the microchip to get the contact information of the dog's parent.

So, the dog's parents need to update the information registered on the app on time.

This microchip does not need to be charged by the dog's parent. A naughty dog cannot lose it either. However, dog parents can't effectively prevent their dog from getting lost by using it alone. It does not contain GPS inside and does not have the function of tracking the dog.

There is currently no GPS dog microchip for sale on the market. Adding GPS technology to the microchip will cause the chip to be too large. It cannot be made as small as a grain of rice and the dog will suffer when it is implanted in the dog's body.

If the microchip contains GPS technology, it requires the dog's parents to charge it. However, after implanting the microchip in the dog's body, the dog's parents cannot perform the act of charging.

This is also a difficult problem to solve. That's why no one produces GPS microchips on the market.

We suggest dog parents to buy a GPS pet tracker to cooperate with the microchip for dogs. This double protection can reduce the risk of losing your dog.

3.Aorkuler Pet Tracker

There are two different types of GPS pet trackers on the market. The first type is a pet tracker that uses GPS and a cellular network. Examples include pet trackers from Tractive and FitBark.

This type of device relies on cellular networks to transmit location data. If the cellular signal is weak near the dog or owner, then this type of pet tracker will not work properly.

The second type of pet tracker uses GPS and radio technology. An example is the Aorkuler pet tracker. This device relies on radio technology to transmit location data.

It does not require the use of a cellular network, so it works fine in places without cellular base stations.

With weak cellular signals in the suburbs, the first type of pet tracker doesn't track your dog very well. So, dog parents can buy the second type of Aorkuler pet tracker.

Tractive and FitBark pet trackers require dog parents to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cellular carrier. If the dog parent does not pay the subscription fee, the GPS tracking feature will not be available.

The Aorkuler pet tracker does not require the dog parent to pay a subscription fee. Dog parents only need to pay for the purchase of the device. It tracks the location of the dog in real-time in the suburbs.

It uses a pattern where the tracker is connecting with the controller. Parents don't need to download a mobile app to use this product, they can check the direction and distance of their dog on the screen of the controller.

The dog may run to the water to play after being out of the owner's control. The Aorkuler pet tracker has an IP67 rating, so even if the dog jumps into the water to play, the parents can still receive real-time data on the dog's location.

In addition, the Aorkuler pet tracker has a sound and night flash function. Dog parents can use the sound function to train the dog to come back to the side.

When the dog is near the owner, the dog's parent can turn on the sound function. Then call the dog to the owner for a snack. Repeat this behavior several times and the dog will return to its owner when it hears the sound.

When the dog's parents take the dog for a walk at night, sometimes they can't see where the dog has run off to. At this time, you can turn on the night flash function. The tracker worn by the dog will emit light to illuminate the dog's location.

This pet tracker is small in shape and can for small dogs. It will not burden the dog's daily life.

Note: None of the pet trackers using GPS technology can work in dense forests. When the tall trees block the GPS signal, the positioning of the pet tracker will be inaccurate.


The dog is a member of the family and it is the responsibility of every dog parent to keep it safe.

Dog parents should pay attention to the whereabouts of their dogs to avoid losing them while ensuring their free movement.

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