2024 FitBark GPS Pet Tracker: Is It Worth Buying?


FitBark Pet Technologies Company was established in 2013. It focuses primarily on monitoring the behavior and health of pets and working to keep them safe.

FitBark has employees in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia. Their products include GPS pet trackers and pet health trackers that support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks.

The main difference between these two products is whether or not they are capable of tracking your pet's location.

Its GPS pet tracker not only helps pet owners get their pet's location. It can also monitor pet activity data and set up electronic fences.

FitBark develops all wearable devices independently. This includes PCB design, firmware, data analysis, iOS, Android, and web pages.

In addition, more than 150 veterinary schools and research organizations use FitBark's platform. It is primarily useful for validating new drugs, foods, procedures, and medical treatments.

1. FitBark GPS Pet Tracker

1.1 Good Cellular Signal Required

FitBark's pet tracker is a combination of GPS and cellular networks. After GPS location, the tracker transmits data to the mobile app through a nearby cellular base station.

Pet owners can check the location of their pets on the mobile app to prevent pet loss.

However, this FitBark GPS pet tracker needs to be in an environment with a good cellular signal. It won't work properly if it is in a rural or suburban area with a weak cellular signal.

For pet owners living in rural or suburban areas, we recommend purchasing an Aorkuler pet tracker that uses radio technology.

This pet tracker is independent of the strength of the cellular signal and can track your pet's location in real-time.

1.2 Monthly Subscription Fee Required

After purchasing a FitBark GPS pet tracker, pet owners will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to their cellular carrier. (Of course, FitBark receives a portion of the profits from the user's subscription fee each month.)

FitBark has different subscription fee packages. Pet owners can choose according to their needs. The longer the pet owner buys the package, the cheaper the average monthly subscription fee is.

However, pet owners should experience the FitBark GPS pet tracker first before choosing to buy the subscription fee package.

If after using FitBark's pet tracker they are not satisfied with it, the pet owner will need to contact FitBark for a refund of the subscription fee after returning it.

Refunding the subscription fee in this case is very cumbersome. Some pet owners may not be able to receive a refund.

Therefore, we recommend that pet owners purchase the subscription after they are satisfied with the use of the product.

1.3 Pet Activity Data Monitoring

One of the special features of the FitBark pet tracker is the monitoring of pet activity data.

In 2013, FitBark came up with the concept of pet health monitoring. In 2015, it launched the industry's first product to monitor pet activity data.

After a decade of years of experience, FitBark is at the leading position in the pet smart industry in terms of activity data monitoring.

The product monitors your pet's activity, sleep quality, calorie consumption, mobility, skin condition, and anxiety behavior 24 hours a day. It synchronizes your pet's health data regularly (usually hourly) via Wi-Fi.

Pet owners can view their pet's data on the mobile app. If the pet's activity data is abnormal, such as reduced sleep or reduced activity time, the mobile app will send a message to the pet owner.

This helps the pet owner to keep abreast of the pet's physical condition.

In addition, FitBark's mobile app also provides a ranking function for the pet's activity data. Pet owners can set ideal health goals for their pets.

The FitBark GPS pet tracker compares and ranks the pet's activity data with similar pets based on breed, age, and weight.

Pet owners can get to know their pets better through the ranking and help them exercise. This can enhance the intimacy between pets and pet owners.

1.4 Electronic Fence Function

FitBark GPS pet tracker can set up to 10 Wi-Fi geo-fences. It can be set up to a radius of up to 3 miles. When the pet leaves this range, the pet owner's mobile app will send an alert.

The FitBark 2, on the other hand, cannot set up an electronic fence. This is because it only works with Bluetooth and not GPS.

The e-fence function can help pet owners to limit their pets' traveling. It can effectively protect the safety of pets.

However, sometimes there will be GPS drift. This is due to some external factors, such as underneath a tall building, inside a forest, and indoors.

After GPS drift, the pet tracker will be inaccurate in positioning. Even if the pet is sleeping or in a geo-fenced area, the pet owner's mobile app will sound an alarm.

When this happens, pet owners can set the geofence in a wide and unobstructed area. This will reduce the occurrence of GPS drift.

Attention: FitBark's e-fence feature is only available in WiFi zones. Pet owners cannot set up an e-fence where there is no WiFi.

2. FitBark's Product Upgrade

FitBark's company tested the first generation of health monitoring devices in 2013. It then started selling the first generation of pet health trackers in 2015. This product only had the function of monitoring pet activity data.

In 2017, FitBark's company updated the first-generation product and launched FitBark 2. We searched the web for information about it. Here are the main upgrades of FitBark 2 compared to the first-generation FitBark.

--Battery Life

The first generation FitBark pet health tracker had a battery life of only 6 months. But the FitBark 2 adds up to 3.5 years of battery life.

The improved battery reduces the number of times pet owners have to recharge the device, making it feel good to use.

And with the extended battery life, the device is better able to monitor your pet's activity data and behavior.

--Product Case

Compared to the first generation of pet health trackers, the FitBark 2 has a stronger case. The case of the FitBark 2 is made of high-strength polycarbonate. With the use of this material, it is more durable on land and underwater.

The FitBark 2 can change its colorful outer shell. While the FitBark 2 is securely fastened to the collar, pet owners can easily change the covers.

Pet owners have a total of 12 options. They can match different outer covers to their pet's personality.

From this update, FitBark has not designed the feature to track the location of the pet. They are in the field of focusing on pet health.

After a gap of two years, it was not until 2019 that FitBark launched a pet tracker with the feature of tracking your pet's location.

Here are the main differences between the FitBark GPS pet tracker and the FitBark2.

--Track Location Feature

The FitBark GPS pet tracker has built-in cellular connectivity. It can track anywhere in the United States where there is a cellular signal.

But FitBark2 does not include GPS technology, it cannot track your pet's location.

--Geofencing Features

The FitBark GPS pet tracker provides Wi-Fi secure place entry/exit alerts. Pet owners can set up multiple geofences for their pets. It can also synchronize the pet's health data regularly via Wi-Fi.

While FitBark2 can't use the geofencing feature. It can only monitor the pet's health data.

--Weight of the Tracker

Because of the two new features added to the FitBark GPS pet tracker, it gained 7 grams in weight. (FitBark2 weighs 10 grams)

--Battery Life

The FitBark 2 has a battery life of several months. But the battery life of FitBark GPS is 2-3 weeks.

--Subscription Fee

FitBark GPS pet tracker requires the use of a cellular network, so it contains a subscription plan. While FitBark 2 doesn't require any extra payment from the user.

3. Problems with FitBark GPS Pet Tracker

3.1 Inaccurate Location

FitBark's product can track your pet's location only after 2019. So, its tracking ability is slightly inferior compared to other brands.

FitBark GPS pet tracker has poor location ability. But it has not been able to solve this problem. I have intercepted reviews from real Amazon users.

Inaccurate Location
Inaccurate Location

3.2 Tracking Can Only work in the United States

FitBark GPS pet tracker is the first device that uses both Lte-M and Nb-Iot. It is much more advanced compared to other brands of GPS pet trackers. (Only works in areas with good cellular signal)

However, FitBark is not open to international roaming. This causes this GPS pet tracker to only be able to track your pet's location in the United States. Users in other countries can only use the pet health monitoring feature.

It's a pity that FitBark doesn't take full advantage of its benefits to help users in other countries.

Here is a complaint from a UK user under the YouTube video about the FitBark product review.

Tracking Can Only Work in the United States

3.3 Battery Problems 

This product reduces the performance of the battery when it gets upgraded. The battery drains quickly when the user is using it.

The user's experience is degraded compared to the previous product. Here are the reviews from Amazon users.

Battery Problems
Battery Problems

It has been a couple of years since FitBark last updated their product. Hopefully, FitBark will come up with a new product in the next. Improve the features it tracks, battery life, and user satisfaction with the product.

4. Summary

The FitBark GPS pet tracker is not accurate in locating your pet's position. If pet owners want to track their pet's location in real-time, it is not recommended to buy this pet tracker.

However, it has better pet health monitoring features. Pet owners can buy FitBark2 if they only want to monitor their pet's activity data.

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