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Before you buy, learn what Aorkuler's strengths and weaknesses are and whether it's right for your use case. Please read Why choose Aorkuler.

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I. First time use

Upon opening the package, please read and follow these steps carefully:

1.Charge the devices:

   1) Connect both devices to the charging cable and charge them (you need to prepare your own adapter with USB port);[Video: how to charge the devices ]
   2) While charging, the red indicator light will flash; if the red indicator light does not flash, poke the reboot hole of device with the pin included in the package to reboot once;
   3) Wait until the charging is complete (usually less than 4 hours, the red indicator light changes from blinking to off);
   4) Align the antenna with the antenna interface located on the upper left of the controller, then carefully rotate the antenna to tighten it securely. 

    2. Turn on the devices:

       1) After fully charged, please turn on both devices, the controller displayscalibrate the geomagnetic sensor;
       2) Please hold the controller firmly and wave your arm in the shape of an "∞" to calibrate the geomagnetic sensor of controller;[Video: how to calibrate geomagnetism]
       3) After the calibration, the controller screen displays 'Nearby'Nearby due to the controller and tracker at a close distance.

      3. Outdoor test:

         1) Take both devices to an open outdoor area; [Video: first outdoor test]
      • If you have someone to assist with testing, place the tracker on your dog’s back with the front facing up if possible and have your assistant walk your dog on a leash toward an open area outdoors;
      • If you're testing alone, place the tracker in an open outdoor location, such as an unobstructed ground, and walk in a farther direction with holding the controller.
           2) Depending on the environment, when the distance between your controller and the tracker exceeds the Bluetooth range (usually less than 120 ft), the devices will switch to GPS mode, and the controller displays a ‘GPS updating’.GPS updating
           3) You or your assistant can continue to walk slowly in a more distant direction. Once GPS positioning is finished (usually between ten seconds to over a minute for the first time, depending on your environment), your controller will display the relative distance and direction of the tracker distence & direction;
           4) The distance and direction displayed by your controller may jump, this is because of the GPS drift when stationary, you just need to keep moving, usually the jump will disappear. The further away you are, the less you'll be affected by drift and the more accurate your readings will be.

          For more information on first time use, please read Quick Start:

          II. Seek help during use

          1. FAQ:

          For some of our customers' frequently asked questions, please read FAQs.

          2. Troubleshooting:

          Try to trouble shoot by understanding what the indicator lights mean, please read the Troubleshooting.

          3. Read the User Manual:

          For more details about product features, please read:


          If the above documents do not solve your problem or you do not have time to read them at the moment, please DIRECTLY send your question to, we will follow up your issue within 24 hours and try to give an effective solution.

          III. Need to extend the warranty

          By default Aorkuler offers a 12 month warranty, but at this stage we are opening up the extended warranty to all customers.

          All you need to do is:  According to the information of the extended warranty card in the package, send us an email [] with your order number to get an extra 12 months warranty.


          IV. Need to return or exchange

          Aorkuler offers you a return window of up to 30 days, during which if you have any questions, feel free to contact fast-responding customer service; any dissatisfaction/non-applicability, easy refunds, and refunds and cancellations don't involve the subscription fees, Simple, no worries.

          JUST mail to

          V. Need to know or participate in Upgrade Program

          In order to protect our customers' investment, and with the possibility of recyclability and reusability in mind, Aorkuler are offering an Upgrade ProgramExisting customers can upgrade to a new  product at a discount of up to 45%Please read the Upgrade Program.

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