The Best No Subscription Tracking Device for Dogs in 2024


The number of pet-owning households in the United States increased dramatically over the past three decades. It is every pet owner's responsibility to keep them safe. For dogs loving to run free, pet owners need to know their tracks. But does no subscription tracking device for dogs exist?

Read this article to learn more about tracking device for dogs.

Incidents of dogs going out to play and getting lost are increasing. Pet owners are anxious to find their pets. Most of the pet owners in this situation want to buy a tracking device for dogs to keep a check on their location.

However, pet owners feel a financial burden on the monthly subscription fee. If the pet owner is not satisfied with the dog tracking device, he or she has to cancel the subscription fee after returning it. This process wastes the time and energy of the pet owner.

So, buying a tracking device for dogs with no subscription fee will not only be easy to use but also without worrying about financial stress.

However, most tracking device for dogs on the market require a monthly subscription fee. We often see users searching for tracking device for dogs with no subscription fee but fail to find a satisfactory one.

Today, we will solve this trouble for pet owners. We will introduce you to one of the best no subscription tracking device for dogs —— Aorkuler.

1.Tracking Device for Dogs with Subscription Fees

Why do some pet trackers have a monthly subscription fee? Take for example the tracking device for dogs from Tractive, Whistle, and FitBark.

This is because they require the use of a cellular network. This type of dog-tracking device consists of GPS and a cellular network. The pet owner's access to location information requires the data to be transmitted over the cellular network. Thus, the pet owner pays a monthly subscription fee to the cellular carrier.

But this type of tracking device for dogs needs to work in places where the cellular signal is good. If it is in a place with few cellular base stations, the transmission of location information is slow, and even the tracker does not work properly. Pet owners can't receive their pet's location information, and the pet may be in danger of getting lost.

The majority of pet-owning households in the U.S. are in rural or suburban areas. Forbes, a Business Magazine website, reported that "Americans in rural areas are more likely to own pets than Americans in suburban and urban areas. 71% of adults living in rural areas have a pet. 71% of adults living in rural areas have a pet."

Forbes’ passage

However, most rural or suburban areas in the U.S. do not have good cellular reception. When pet owners use tracking device for dogs such as Tractive, Whistle, FitBark, etc. in these areas, the tracking may not be as effective as it could be.

Tractive, Whistle, and FitBark also can monitor pet activity. Pet owners can check their pet's health through a mobile app. But FitBark may not be able to use this feature without users paying a subscription fee.

In addition to this, this type of pet tracker requires users to download a mobile app to receive location information. This not only takes up the memory of the pet owner's phone but may also leak the user's private data.

Can pet owners get a refund of their paid subscription fee if they are not satisfied with this type of tracking device for their dog? FitBark, Whistle and Tractive can refund the subscription fee within 30 days. But you need to read their refund policies for specific requirements.

I have intercepted a part of the reviews on the Amazon platform regarding Tractive's refund.

Tractive's Amazon Review
Tractive's Amazon Review

From the comments of the users in the image, it is clear that the refund process is not easy. Users are facing some troubles in the refund process without resolving them. This not only makes the user's experience bad but also wastes their time. So, users should carefully consider the subscription fee before buying such tracking device for dogs.

2.Tracking Device for Dogs with No Subscription Fee

When it comes to tracking device for dogs with no subscription fee, some users may think of AirTag. it is also a tracking device for tracking objects. But it is better suited for locating stationary objects.

AirTag does not have GPS technology, it relies on Bluetooth for location. When a pet owner sets a lost mode, AirTag sends location data anonymously to nearby Apple products. The pet owner can then view the dog's location.

If there is no Apple product around the dog, then the location information will not be available. So, pet owners tracking their dogs with AirTag need to be in places where there are a lot of Apple products.

And AirTag is 1.26 inches, curious dogs may accidentally eat it. This will cause great harm to the dog's body.

In addition to AirTag, there is a no subscription Aorkuler tracking device for dogs on the market. It is more practical than AirTag. Not only can it locate the dog in real-time, but it also has other features to assist pet owners in finding their dogs. Next, I will introduce an Aorkuler tracking device for dogs in detail.

Aorkuler's tracking device for dogs does not require users to pay a monthly subscription fee to a cellular carrier. It consists of GPS and radio technology. The tracker transmits the pet's location information to the controller via radio technology. Pet owners can view their pet's location information on the controller's screen.

Aorkuler's tracking device for dogs does not require the use of a cellular network for it to work. Users who live in rural or suburban areas can use this tracking device for dogs.

It works regardless of whether there is a good cellular signal around or not. It can do real-time tracking of the pet's location. It is a reassuring feature for pet owners.

Unlike the above three dog tracking devices with subscription fees, Aorkuler's tracking device for dogs does not have a monitoring function and does not require the download of a cellular app. It uses a model in which the tracker is linked to the controller. This effectively protects the user's private data.

The use of the controller also makes it easy for pet owners to find their dogs. It has two display modes, when the dog is nearby, the screen is "nearby". When the dog is far away from the owner, the screen shows the direction of the dog's location. With this design, pet owners can quickly find their pets even in unfamiliar places.

This tracking device for dogs has sound and night flash functions. It can assist pet owners in finding their dogs. When the pet is nearby, the pet owner can turn on the sound function. The beeping sound from the tracker will guide the direction of the dog's location.

When vision is poor, pet owners can turn on the night flash function. The tracker will emit three different colors of light. Pet owners can search for their dogs based on the light.

The Aorkuler tracking device for dogs also has a quality service team. Users can send an email with any questions they may have after purchasing the device. The Aorkuler team will do their best to help users solve their problems.

Aorkuler updates its tracking devices for dogs every year. Users who have previously purchased an Aorkuler tracking device for dogs can contact the Aorkuler team for a coupon if they want to purchase the new product.

Dog wearing a tracking device for dogs


Dogs are part of the family and the emotional value they bring to humans is invaluable. How to ensure the safety of dogs on the road has become a problem for pet owners to solve. The advantages of the Aorkuler tracking device for dogs with no subscription fee and real-time tracking are just enough to solve the user's worries.

Aorkuler tracking device for dogs can effectively protect the safety of dogs, and also allow them to go on a free trip. It is a rational choice for pet owners to buy one of these dog tracking devices.

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