Quick Start Guide   

>> First time use

Upon opening the package, please read and follow these steps carefully:

1. Charge the devices first

   1) Connect both devices to the charging cable and charge them (you need to prepare your own adapter with USB port); [Video: how to charge the devices ]
   2) While charging, the red indicator light will flash; if the red indicator light does not flash, poke the reboot hole of device with the pin included in the package to reboot once;
   3) Wait until the charging is complete (usually less than 4 hours, the red indicator light changes from blinking to off). 
   4) A
lign the antenna with the antenna interface located on the upper left of the controller, then carefully rotate the antenna to tighten it securely.

    2. Turn on the devices

       1) After fully charged, please turn on both devices. The controller displays Calibration of the geomagnetic sensor;
       2) Please hold the controller firmly and wave your arm in the shape of an "∞" to calibrate the geomagnetic sensor of controller; [Video: how to calibrate geomagnetism]
       3) After the calibration, the controller screen displays 'Nearby'Nearby due to the controller and tracker at a close distance.

      3. Outdoor test

         1) Take both devices to an open outdoor area;  [Video: first outdoor test]

      • If you have someone to assist with testing,  place the tracker on your dog’s back with the front facing up if possible and have your assistant walk your dog on a leash toward an open area outdoors;
      • If you're testing alone, place the tracker with the front facing up in an open outdoor location, such as an unobstructed ground, and walk in a farther direction with holding the controller.

           2) Depending on the environment, when the distance between your controller and the tracker exceeds the Bluetooth range (usually less than 120 ft), the devices will switch to GPS mode, and the controller displays a ‘GPS updatingGPS updating.
           3) You or your assistant can continue to walk slowly in a more distant direction. Once GPS positioning is finished (usually between ten seconds to over a minute for the first time, depending on your environment), your controller will display the relative distance and direction of the tracker Distance&Direction
           4) The distance and direction displayed by your controller may jump, this is because of the GPS drift when stationary, you just need to keep moving, usually the jump will disappear. The further away you are, the less you'll be affected by drift and the more accurate your readings will be. 


        I. Packing list

          [Video: packing list] Aorkuler GPS Tracker Pro Packing List  

        II. Product overview

        Working distance:

         Work distence


        • Battery protection:

        When using the Aorkuler GPS Tracker for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, the battery protection feature may be activated. This can result in the device not turning on or not responding while charging. Please follow these steps to exit the battery protection mode and allow the device to function properly:

        1. Connect the charging cable to the device.
        2. Insert a small, pointed object like a paperclip or a pin into the small reset hole on the device to reset the device.
        • GPS updating

        Aorkuler GPS tracker relies purely on GPS for location data and does not depend on cellular networks. Aorkuler GPS updating process may take slightly longer compared to devices that rely on cellular network assistance. When the controller prompts “GPS update”, please be sure use it in an open outdoor area and place the tracker on the dog’s back with the front facing up if possible. With a little patience, the GPS update can be completed in a few seconds to a few minutes.

        For more information, consult the User Manual (PDF) or contact us at service@aorkuler.com


        III. Setting of the device

        • Install the controller antenna

        Install antenna

        To install the controller antenna, please align the antenna with the antenna interface located on the upper left of the controller, then carefully rotate the antenna to tighten it securely. This ensures that the antenna is properly attached to the controller, allowing for optimal performance.


        • Turn on/off the device

        1. Turn on

        To turn on the device, simply press and hold the ON/OFF button on the controller or tracker for 3 seconds. Once turned on, the LED indicator will flash three times in a cycle, with colors alternating between red, green, and blue. This confirms that the device is powered on and ready for use.

        1. Turn off:

        To turn off the device, press and hold the ON/OFF button on the controller or tracker for 3 seconds while the device is already powered on. During this process, the LED indicator will flash three times, emitting a red light. This indicates that the device is shutting down and will soon be powered off.

        • Calibration of the geomagnetic sensor 

          To calibrate the geomagnetic sensor of the controller, follow these steps:

          1. Hold the device firmly in your hand and wave your arm in the shape of an "8" in the air. Make sure to perform this motion smoothly and steadily.
          2. The device will automatically calibrate the geomagnetic sensor during this process.
          3. Once the calibration is complete, the device will enter the working mode.

          It is recommended to perform this calibration each time you turn on the controller to ensure accurate direction indication. Calibrating the geomagnetic sensor helps the device accurately determine the direction and improves the overall performance of the controller. [Video: how to calibrate geomagnetism]


          • Working mode

          1. Nearby 

            When the controller detects the Bluetooth signal from the tracker in close proximity and establishes a successful connection, the message "Nearby" will be displayed. This indicates that the controller and tracker are in close range and are communicating through Bluetooth. If the field of view is poor and you're unable to visually locate your dog, you can utilize the sound and light alarm functionality to determine the specific location of your dog.

            1. GPS updating 

              As the tracker moves away from the controller, the Bluetooth connection between the two devices will be automatically disconnected. At this point, the radio and GPS functions will be activated, and the message "GPS updating" will be displayed. This indicates that the devices are in the process of establishing a GPS connection and updating their positions. Once the GPS positioning is successful, the device will enter tracking mode, allowing you to track the location of the tracker.

              1. Tracking 

                The controller's screen will display real-time information about the direction and distance of the tracker relative to the controller. To ensure accurate tracking, please keep the controller horizontal and continue moving while monitoring the screen. This will provide the most reliable tracking information for your convenience.

                1. Last position

                  When the wireless connection between the controller and the tracker is disconnected, the controller will display an offline warning message indicating the last known position of the tracker, followed by the distance in feet. Additionally, the direction indicator will turn red. In such cases, please refer to the direction shown in the illustration and make your way promptly to the location where the connection was lost. This will help you quickly locate and reconnect with the tracker.


                  • Sound or light alarm 

                    To enable the sound or light alarm function of the tracker, follow these steps:

                    1. Press and hold the multi-function button on the front of the controller for 3 seconds. This will take you to the selection interface.
                    2. Use the ON/OFF button to navigate and choose between turning on the sound or light alarm.
                    3. Once you've made your selection, press the multi-function button again to confirm and activate the chosen function.

                    When the tracker receives the command from the controller, it will respond accordingly:

                    1. Sound Alarm: The tracker will emit a sound for 15 seconds.
                    2. Light Alarm: The tracker's LED light will flash in a cycle of red, green, and blue for 3 minutes.

                    These alarm features on the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker are designed to assist you in quickly locating your dog, especially in poor visibility conditions such as darkness or thick bushes.



                    • Keep horizontal 

                      For accurate direction indication, it is recommended to keep the controller in a horizontal position during use. If the elevation angle of the controller becomes too large, the device will display a prompt message saying "keep me horizontal." Keeping the controller horizontal helps ensure optimal performance and reliable direction indication.

                      • Tracker installation tips 

                      # Install the tracker on the dog collar/harness. (as shown in the below picture)

                      # For optimal GPS signal reception, we recommend fixing the tracker on your dog's back and keeping the front of the tracker facing upward. This positioning allows the tracker to better receive GPS signals and provide accurate location tracking.

                      For more information on how to use the device, please refer to the provided

                      For any after-sales questions or assistance, please contact service@aorkuler.com

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