Why Choose Aorkuler

Maybe you're a newly promoted dog parent who's excited about the good life and starting to dog GPS collar research; Or maybe you've spent a lot of time and money trying several different pet trackers just to get peace of mind; Or maybe you've had experiences you don't want them to happen again.

I. Have you experienced

any of the following in the Research, Buy, Test and Return cycle:

  • The phone still has 1-2 bars of 4G and continuously make and receive calls without issue, but the tracker NEVER got a signal;
  • Purchasing a tracker after receiving confirmation that it has "signal coverage", but it doesn't work;
  • The tracker only works when connected to your home's Wifi;
  • Inflated battery life and undisclosed actual battery capacity;
  • Inefficient and unhelpful after-sales service;
  • Unabashed greed for subscription fees;
  • Confusing and even frustrating app settings;
  • Annoyed by false alerts at least ten times per hour or day;
  • A nightmare to cancel and refund subscription;
  • Takes about 5 minutes of refreshing before LIVE tracking;
  • Oversized trackers;
  • ......

If so, I understand how you feel. ūüėę

II. Aorkuler aspires

to assist you in the best way possible during some of the most stressful times of your life (when you can't find your dog).

Aorkuler is still NOT omnipotent at this stage, if you want to use a GPS tracker in a city center with tall buildings or need to know the location of your dog through an e-fence in your room, you can stop reading the rest of the article without wasting your time.(read III#8)

However, if you are looking for a pet tracker that is suitable for use in suburban or rural areas where there is no reliable signal, or if you wish to track your dog while hiking or camping, then it is recommended that you take a few more minutes to learn about the Aorkuler because your research may be coming to an end.


III. Worth knowing when choosing an Aorkuler

1. No Cell Reception, No Tracking?

Of course not. Aorkuler can help you track your dog in places where there is absolutely no cellular signal.

We have a vast country and there are far too many places that do not have reliable cellular coverage, not just places of adventure, but also the suburbs and rural areas of everyday life.

Cell phones and in-vehicle GPS have greater size, weight and battery availability, and using cellular technology is a relatively more sensible approach. But plush friends aren't necessarily suitable; they're master escape artists who don't want to follow the rules of roaming along the highway; and their necks can't handle gear that's too big and heavy. Manufacturers need to find a balance between tracking ability, wearing comfort, and gear weight.

Therefore, instead of using inexpensive cellular-based modules such as 4G, Aorkuler has innovated by developing a tracker with low-power consumption and wireless technology for long-distance transmission. Data can be transferred directly between the tracker and the controller without relying on cellular networks at all, without the need for a SIM card, and without subscription fees. Also, you don't need a cell phone to be involved, and you can use the Aorkuler directly to view locations and give voice and light commands.

2. A low-priced tracker is a good deal?

Probably not. Aorkuler has no monthly or subscription fees, no hidden costs, and potentially more savings overall!

1) The useless/inapplicable ones are actually the most expensive ones. 

- Bluetooth-based locators are cheap, but the effective range is too short, basically within eyesight. This type of Bluetooth locator is more suitable for finding small items, such as keys, wallets, etc. in a small area;

- Subscription-based GPS trackers  cannot be used if there is no reliable cell phone signal, even if they are sold very cheaply.

2) Don’t forget the subscription fee required for the 4g tracker, that’s the big one! 

- The subscription-based GPS tracker, in addition to the hardware device, you also have to pay the subscription fee at one time, and the total price is also about 200 US dollars(the most cost-effective is 2 years).

3) Participate in our campaigns and get Aorkuler for free or at a better price! 

- If you are willing to spend some time to help Aorkuler do better, we sincerely appreciate it and offer what we can in return. (recent campaigns)


3. Simpler and purer tracking experience

True, full-time, real-time tracking. With advanced wireless technology, data is transmitted DIRECTLY from the Aorkuler's tracker back to the controller, and your dog's location is instantly displayed, with real-time updating at all times.

For subscription-based trackers, the location of tracker is FIRST uploaded to the carrier's platform via 4G network, THEN forwarded to the manufacturer's server, and FINALLY downloaded to your cell phone via 4G/wifi for display via APP. In addition, the LIVE mode of some 4G-based GPS trackers requires high cellular network quality and may wait for a longer time to start.

Technical differences between subscription and non-subscription tracker

 Learn more about the differences between subscription and non-subscription dog GPS trackers.


4. Effective service with fast response

Although we only have Email customer service for the time being, we promise to do our best, diligence, honesty, and effective response to each customer, and strive for your satisfaction with Aorkuler service. Just as most of our customers recognize our services, we look forward to making you satisfied in our destiny with you. Feel free to contact us (service@aorkuler.com), thank you!


5. Customer-driven product development

During the product design phase, the R&D team overemphasized the strength of the straps in order to prevent the tracker from falling off. As you can see, many of our customers gave us feedback that our straps were difficult to put on and take off. Aorkuler's product and supply chain teams immediately acted on the customer's suggestion and completed the optimized design, testing and validation, and mass production of the new straps within 14 days, and delivered them to every Aorkuler customer at the first time.
No product can satisfy everyone at once, and Aorkuler's efficient product development and supply chain capabilities are the foundation of our "customer-driven" philosophy.


6. Up to 30 days return window

Aorkuler offers you a return window of up to 30 days, during which you have any questions, feel free to contact fast-responding customer service; any dissatisfaction/non-applicability, easy refunds, and refunds and cancellations don't involve the difficult journey of subscription fees, Simple, no worries.


7. Upgrade Program to protect your investment

In order to protect your investment, and with the possibility of recyclability and reusability in mind, Aorkuler are offering this Upgrade Program:  Existing customers can upgrade to a new  product with a discount of up to 45% off.  (learn more about Upgrade Program)


8. What are the shortcomings of Aorkuler?

1) Situations where you may not be able to use Aorkuler properly:

  • dense urban areas;
  • indoors;
  • dense forests.

Frankly, this is actually a common problem not just with Aorkuler, but with all GPS devices.

2) Features not offered by Aorkuler for the time being: At this stage Aorkuler does not have an app, nor does it have an e-fence function (although the accuracy of this function is poor in places with bad signal). This consideration is based on the fact that Aorkuler does not want to access user data, thus guaranteeing absolute security of dog parents' privacy.



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