2024 Pet Companionship and Well-being: How Dogs Improve Human Mental Health


In the fast-paced life of modern society, the importance of human mental health is becoming increasingly prominent. It is not only related to the quality of life of individuals but also to the harmony and stability of society and the overall development of human beings. Mental health is an indispensable part of human beings.

More and more people are now discovering that the companionship of a dog can bring great mental health benefits to humans. Dogs are not only part of our family, but also important companions and friends in our lives.

One user on YouTube said: “Here's one I heard the other day do you know why dogs life is shorter than ours that's because they already know how to live.”

1.The Effect of Dogs on Mental Health

Scientific studies have shown that living with dogs can improve the mental health of humans. Because in the company of dogs, the human body secretes neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin.

These neurotransmitters can reduce anxiety and depression in humans. They also increase a sense of well-being and belonging.

The American Heart Association states that 95% of pet parents report that they rely on their pets for stress relief and other mental and physical benefits that may be good for your heart.

One user on Quora says owning a dog makes her happy. Dogs bring joy to her life.

advantage of rising a dog

2 Other Benefits

2.1 Reduced Risk of Depression

In modern society, many people face different kinds of stress. They have nowhere to vent their emotions and no one to talk to. In the long run, they are prone to depression. But owning a dog, they can get a sense of companionship from the dog.

Most dogs pick up on their owner's mood changes. When the human is in a sad mood, the dog will take the initiative to comfort the owner. This can reduce the risk of depression in humans. And, with a dog, humans have someone to talk to about their stress and worries.

2.2 Increase Exercise

When owning a dog, dog parents will be forced to business, such as taking the dog out to exercise. Dogs of different sizes require different amounts of exercise every day. If they don't get enough exercise, they may break up the house.

In the process of taking the dog to exercise, the dog's parents can also get exercise. Dog parents can improve their mood by getting out in the fresh air regularly. And long-term regular exercise can make dog parents healthier.

2.3 Enhance the Socialization Skills

Dog parents need to take their dogs to the pet hospital for vaccination. In the pet hospital will not only come into contact with the veterinarian but also meet other dog owners. When interacting with them, dog parents can improve their social skills.

Dog parents will also get to know other pet owners when they take their dogs to the park on weekends. So, owning a dog not only improves the pet owner's ability to express himself but also makes new friends.

2.4 Lower Blood Pressure

Dogs can help dog parents relax. Studies have shown that humans can lower cortisol levels and blood pressure when petting dogs. It also allows the human body to release hormones that enhance happy emotions.

2.5 Boosts Immunity

Having a dog increases the diversity of microorganisms in the house. The immune system of the human muscle is boosted by exposure to different microorganisms. Thus, owning a dog can boost the immune system of the dog's parents.

While dogs bring us benefits, we need to keep them safe and responsible for their lives. Mischievous dogs sometimes get lost due to playfulness and cannot return to their owners.

During the search process, both the dog's parents and the dog suffer a lot of pain inside. Therefore, it is important to buy an Aorkuler pet tracker for your dog. After the dog is lost, the dog's parents can use the Aorkuler pet tracker to find the dog quickly.

3.Aorkuler Pet Tracker

The Aorkuler pet tracker uses GPS, radio technology, and Bluetooth. After the GPS is located, the tracker transmits the dog's location information to the controller via radio technology. Dog parents can view their dog's location information on the controller's screen.

The Aorkuler does not require dog parents to download a mobile app. Its controller uses an electronic compass mode. When the dog is in the vicinity of the owner, the tracker is connected to the controller via Bluetooth and the screen shows nearby.

When the dog is far away from the owner, the GPS updates the location and the screen shows the exact direction and distance of the dog. Dog parents can quickly find their dogs even in unfamiliar places.

Aorkuler pet tracker works without using the cellular network. So dog parents don't need to pay extra after purchasing this product. It doesn't require dog parents to pay the cellular carrier.

Also, dog parents who live in rural or suburban areas can use this pet tracker. The Aorkuler works whether they have a good cellular signal around them or not.

It can do real-time tracking of the dog's location and transmit it to the dog's parents in real-time. For dog parents, this is an effective feature to keep their dogs safe.

The Aorkuler tracker has a waterproof rating of IP67. It is not affected when the dog is playing in the water. So, the tracker can still work properly even if the dog accidentally falls into a mud pit in the wild. Dog parents can receive real-time information about their dog's location.

Besides, Aorkuler has sound and night flash function. It can assist dog parents in finding their dogs. When the dog is nearby, dog parents can turn on the sound function. The beeping sound from the tracker will guide them to the hiding or injured dog.

If the surrounding environment has poor vision, dog parents can use the night flash function. The tracker will emit three different colors of light. Dog parents can find their dog based on where the flash is.

Aorkuler pet tracker has a quality service team. Dog parents can send an email to the team if they have any questions about this product and the Aorkuler team will do their best to help the dog parents solve their problems.

Dog Improve Human Mental Health


Dog parents get joy and happiness from their dogs. The companionship of dogs protects the mental health of dog parents. So, as dogs benefit us, we can buy an Aorkuler pet tracker to protect their traveling safety.

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