Upgrade Program 

I. Introduction

Thank you for reading this far, Aorkuler can help you take better care of your dog, especially in places where there is no cell phone reception, keeping your kids safer while giving you more peace of mind.

But maybe you have some concerns: "if Aorkuler comes out with more powerful and full-featured products in the future, will my early purchase be less worthwhile?"  While your child's safety and your peace of mind are priceless, your money doesn't grow on trees after all.

Therefore, in order to protect your investment, and with the possibility of recyclability and reusability in mind, we are offering this Upgrade Program to existing Aorkuler customers:  Existing Aorkuler customers can upgrade to a new  product at a discount of up to 45%.


1) Aorkuler plans to release new versions of its products every year, customers can use this program to get new hardware upgraded products at a very low price; And the upgrade of software or firmware, Aorkuler will be free for all users.

2) This upgrade program is Only open to users who purchased Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker products from Aorkuler's official website or the Amazon channel designated by Aorkuler.

3) You can only participate in this program Once per product, for example, if you purchased the first generation of Aorkuler dog GPS tracker, you can upgrade it to the second or third generation of Aorkuler through this program, but you can't use an exchanged product to upgrade another product.

4) Users who have already returned the product or cannot provide proof of purchase (your order number) are not eligible to participate in this program.

5) Prices and specific program discounts for new products will be determined at the time of new product release.


(The following information was updated in September 2023)

II. Learn about upgrading from 'Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker' to 'Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Pro'

1. Differences between the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker and Pro

  • Performance: Pro has been optimized and improved in terms of positioning time and connection stability. According to RF lab and field test data, positioning time has been reduced by 49% and connection stability has been improved by 37% on average;
  • Appearance: The Pro's controller is equipped with an external antenna, and the buckle underneath the controller is removed;
Appearance Differ

There is no difference between the two versions in terms of function, user interface and operation. For more information about Pro, please refer to the User Manual.

2. Should I upgrade?

  • If you are satisfied with the current version of Aorkuler tracker, you do not need to use your upgrade eligibility this time, and save it for the next release of the new product, which is expected to be released in Q4 2024, and should bring more enhancements;
  • If you are in an environment that causes slow GPS searches (as evidenced by longer GPS updating), or if there are many obstacles that interfere with the connection between the controller and the tracker, we recommend that you consider upgrading.

3. Am I eligible for the upgrade?

Any customer who purchased Aorkuler through the official website and Amazon is eligible to upgrade.

4. How do I participate in this upgrade program?

1) If you decide that you want to upgrade to the Pro (as suggested by #2 Should I upgrade?), please find your previous order number for Aorkuler;
2) Send an email to Service@aorkuler.com with your previous order number;
3) Customer service will send you an exclusive mega coupon for the purchase of Pro;
4) Place your order for Pro with the coupon.

    5. After joining this upgrade program and getting Pro, how does my warranty time start?

    Your warranty will be updated and recalculated from the date of the new order. 

    6. After upgrading my Pro, if I have any problems, how can I deal with them? Does it support returns and exchanges?

    The after-sales service and warranty are the same for both first-time buyers and upgraded customers. We provide up to 30days of worry-free returns and exchanges.

    7. After upgrading to Pro, do I need to mail my old products back to Aorkuler?

    No. If the old product works fine, you can keep it as a backup kit.

    8. If I don't participate in the upgrade program this time, will you continue to release new products in the future? Will I still be able to take advantage of the upgrade program?

    Of course, we are committed to continuously optimizing the experience and performance. You can take advantage of the upgrade program when the next new product is released.

    9. Who can I contact if I have other questions?

    Please contact us via Service@aorkuler.com, thank you!

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