Aorkuler Review: Helping Laurie Luce Care for Blind Fluffy Child

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Today, we're excited to share a real-life story from Laurie Luce, who takes care of her visually impaired fluffy child, River.

She told us via email how the Aorkuler Pet Tracker helped her solve the problem of her dog's traveling safety.

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I'll tell you about River, why I got him a tracker, and then why it is so perfect for us.

I've had River a little over a year, since April 2023.  He is a 6-7-year-old Australian Cattle Dog with a handful of other breeds mixed in. I adopted him from a local rescue. I was looking for another dog to take hiking and horseback riding with me in the rugged mountains of Pike National Forest, where I live. The only thing the rescue could tell me about his history is that he was relinquished due to a family issue.  He was very fearful and seemed different somehow, but I just thought that would be normal for some dogs in new surroundings, and figured he would get used to his new life on our little ranch in the forest.  (Lucky dog!)

The rescue said he was good about staying nearby, and I could let him out on my property without a leash, but the first thing he did when I took him down to the corrals was wander off, and then run away when I tried to get him to come back. Luckily, he did return within an hour, while I was driving around looking for him, somehow knowing to come back to our house after only 1 night there. I was glad he figured out so quickly I was his new person and where his home was (miraculous!), but now I wasn't sure how I would handle this problem of him taking off.

I also noticed right away that he seemed to have trouble with his vision. He crash-jumped into the truck for the ride home from his foster home. When he got in the house, he was tripping on the different levels in the house, bumping into furniture, and then didn't seem to want to leave his dog bed. (poor guy.)

When I called the rescue the next day, they said the previous owners had not mentioned anything about him having any vision issues, and the foster had not noticed it either. When I took him to my vet, said he thought he had might have some vision issues, and that it might be impaired to some degree.

I'd been letting him come out with my other dog and me when I did my chores outside around the property. He always takes off for a half-hour or so, and it always worried me, but I didn't want to have to keep such and energetic dog penned up all the time. So, I guiltily let him wander, knowing he would come back.  It's easy to lose sight of him in this terrain, so I often wasn't sure where he was, and I was constantly worried, especially with his vision impairment. 

Finally, after a year of seeing over and over how hard it was for him to navigate the outdoors and his odd behaviors, I took him to a vision specialist who said he was completely blind with severe Progressive Retinal Atrophy. She suggested I get him a tracker. She said that way, if he did get hurt or in a tough spot, I would be able to find him.

I did some research online and chose Aorkuler for the reviews, and also because I live where there's no cell phone reception, and, oh my goodness, it is just so great! The dogs and I all go out together, and when I lose sight of River, I can easily see where he is on the controller, and most of the time he's less than 300 or so feet away.  I can feel at ease knowing which direction he's traveling and knowing he usually doesn't go very far. Sometimes I'll lose the signal about 700-800 ft, and I know by the direction he's gone down to the little fishing lake on the other side of the ridge above the house. I've talked to folks who have cabins on his 'trail' to let them know our situation, so I have other eyes out there looking after him.

I also use the tracker when hiking in the forest near home.  I can let him off-leash in safe areas and not worry.  It's just a wonderful aide for a sweet dog who has a much fuller life because of it.

A long letter saying what could have been said in much fewer words, but just wanted you to understand why I am grateful for your wonderful Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker. 

Thank you so much!


Laurie Luce 

Laurie Luce's dog

Her story is full of warmth and emotion. It makes us feel the power and importance of technology to keep dogs safe. This email also shows Laurie's approval of the Aorkuler pet tracker.

We are so happy that our product was able to help Laurie and River. Although River is blind, he is lucky to have a kind owner.

The Aorkuler team would like to thank Laurie for her trust and support. The Aorkuler Pet Tracker is dedicated to solving the problems of dog owners, and we hope that it will help as many dog parents as possible.

After that, we will work harder to improve the product and continue to provide more quality service for dogs and dog parents.

If you also have a story about using Aorkuler Pet Tracker, welcome to share it with us. We hope to let more people know and feel the help that Aorkuler Pet Tracker brings to dog parents.

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  • Posted on by Casou (Aorkuler Product Manager)

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Casou, the product manager of Aorkuler. Our startup team is dedicated to creating a simple-to-use and effective dog tracker that ensures the safety of dogs without relying on cellular network coverage or requiring subscription fees. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective product for dog lovers.

    Seeing Laurie’s letter, our team was deeply moved and encouraged. We know there is no perfect product, and we understand that the Aorkuler dog tracker still has many areas that need improvement and optimization. However, we firmly believe we are on the right path, and our team will continue to provide better products for our users with greater enthusiasm and effort.

    Thank you again, Laurie, and all Aorkuler users for your encouragement and support.

    Best regards,

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