About Aorkuler

Have you ever suffered from the immense pain and worry of losing your beloved dog? Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to find a tracker that suits you and your furry friend? Have you felt anxious and insecure because traditional trackers don’t work in places with poor cell phone signal? 

Technology has changed our lives by bringing humans smarter products that are more efficient and fun, but at the same time, our beloved furry friends are always neglected by technology.


What does Aorkuler do?

Aorkuler is dedicated to solving the above problems by providing real-time, accurate tracking products that do not rely on cellular signals, making your furry child safer and giving you more peace of mind.


Why can Aorkuler do this well?

Aorkuler's founding members have more than 15 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on product development and service assurance in the IT and tele-communications industries.

The product team is capable of rapid response product design and supply chain support (as in our 14-day optimization and delivery of new straps), and the sales and service team applies the service standards of a major customer (as in customer satisfaction with our service).

In addition, something like "All team members must have experience of owning a pet" and other strange rules have helped us get better and better at pet smart products.


What problem has Aorkuler solved?

Providing a real-time, clear tracking experience that doesn't rely on cellular signals, or even cell phones. No subscription is required and there are no hidden fees.(Go to the product page)

Q: Why don't GPS trackers that require a subscription solve your problem?
A: Too many places don't have reliable cellular coverage for the daily safety of an escape artist living in suburban or rural, or for a weekend out hiking, camping, or exploring with a dog parents. (Learn more)
Q: Why are there countless GPS trackers on the market that require a subscription?
A: Because designing a subscription-based GPS tracker requires very little R&D and is extremely inexpensive. You can even try to make one yourself if you have some background in electronics.
It is the easiest and most cost-effective business for manufacturers with minimal R&D investment and very low production costs. Not only that, the manufacturer earns a sizable commission from the monthly fee paid by the user.


What does Aorkuler plan to do in the future?

Continuously improving the tracking experience, enriching tracking features and data, while maintaining differentiated innovation and protecting customers and their dogs.


We thank you and the growing number of dog parents who are looking at Aorkuler, and we strive to bring you peace of mind during your memorable times with your furry child.

Feel free to contact us via service@aorkuler.com

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