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When the controller and the tracker are close, they will be connected via Bluetooth to save power; when the distance between them is beyond the range of Bluetooth connection, it will start GPS satellite search (GPS Updating), and the direction and distance will be displayed after successful GPS positioning. (Bluetooth connection Range is usually ten meters or more). Please watch the this[Video]
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Currently Aorkuler does not support this.It only supports one controller to track one dog(one tracker).
It's not currently supported, there are no location on the shell for charging.
Compared to the previous generation of trackers, the Pro adds an external antenna and removes the buckle underneath the controller (changes in the appearance of the controller); it also reduces positioning time and improves the stability of the connection between the tracker and the controller.
Aorkuler dog GPS tracker is a new generation of dog GPS tracker, utilizing advanced wireless communication technology and innovative design, mainly geared for use in open environments such as suburbs and rural areas when outdoors. It can work in places without any cellular signal to better support you and your dog in hiking, camping, backpacking, exploring and other activities together. Of course you can also use it to track children or other objects. It is worth mentioning that Aorkuler does NOT need to rely on carrier network, no activation, no monthly fee, it also does NOT need a mobile phone to work with, it can be used independently to complete a real full real-time, novel and immersive tracking experience. Finally, for privacy protection, Aorkuler is the best of all trackers currently.
Most traditional trackers are based on cellular network technology such as 4G/5G, a technology that balances the two major benefits of mature technology and low hardware costs, and is therefore popular with tracker manufacturers. Since the network coverage of domestic carries is not perfect, it is difficult for such trackers to perform where the cell signal is unstable or even absent. You can see from that most traditional GPS trackers do not have high ratings. In addition, traditional GPS trackers have high cost of use(monthly fee), poor battery, and privacy protection issues. Aorkuler's technology and product team to address the above issues innovatively make a new generation of trackers, at this stage, it and the existing traditional GPS tracker is not a competitive relationship, but more of a complementary relationship.
The Aorkuler GPS tracker kit consists of controller and tracker, both of them have GPS module and Radio Communications module. The users can directly use controller to connect to the tracked device and the obtainable range between the controller and the tracked device is up to 3.5 miles, depending on the surrounding environment. And because Aorkuler uses an independent communication system to obtain the GPS data of the tracked item, this is why it can still work without monthly fees and mobile phone signals.
The batteries of Aorkuler GPS tracker and controller are built-in and support recharging with the included charging cable, but do not support replacement. In addition, before using it for the first time, please reboot it by reset button and then charge it.
Since the Aorkuler does not rely on cellular signals, you may consider using the Aorkuler if you need to track dog or other important items in areas where cell signal is poor, such as rural areas, out on hikes, etc.. If you need to use the tracker in dense urban areas, indoors or in dense forests, then Aorkuler will not work for you at this time.
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