Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Pro- Continuous LIVE Tracker without Monthly Fee, Cell Service and Mobile Phones

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Dog GPS Tracker No Monthly fee
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When you are outdoors with your furry friends, especially in places where the cell signal is unstable, do you feel that the traditional dog GPS tracker is just a useless piece of plastic?

When you use the ‘LIVE Mode’ offered by some 4G dog GPS trackers, do you worry about the tracker's battery draining too fast?

Do you still think traditional 4G/LTE trackers are cheap when you know that their manufacturers are charging you a lot of hidden fees in your monthly subscription?

Finally, when you know their business model, do you still trust them to provide better technologies and products, or do you think they are just exploiting your needs?

If you are looking for a better alternative, please take some time to learn about Aorkuler. We may not be perfect, but Aorkuler is trying to bring you more peace of mind, freedom, and happiness with our new technologies and products.

Not reqiure cell signal

More peace of mind:

Aorkuler is a highly recommended dog tracker without subscription, especially for dog parents who live in areas with poor cellular signals such as rural areas.

With Aorkuler, you can enjoy the outdoors with your dog, whether you’re hiking, camping, or backpacking. Aorkuler GPS dog collar no monthly fee provides truly real-time tracking with direction and distance. 

LIVE Tracking

More convenient:

Aorkuler makes tracking easier. You don’t need to carry a cellphone or download an app to use the tracker. It shows you the distance and direction of your dog on the controller.


More sturdy:

Aorkuler dog GPS tracker no subscription supports your playful dog looking for fun in nature like mud with dust-proof and waterproof according to IP67 standards.


Brighter night lights and louder sounds alerts

Aorkuler GPS dog tracker no subscription can assist you to quickly locate your furry kids in areas with poor visibility.

Privacy Protect

Data security

Privacy is increasingly important, and every dog parent should have the right to choose, not have to agree to disclose privacy in order to use it. Aorkuler GPS dog tracker no cell service doesn't require a network, so it doesn't pose the risk of privacy breaches like other trackers that send data back to a third party besides you and your dog.

Save Money No monthlyfees

More saving money:

Stop wasting money on monthly fees for trackers that don’t work well in places with poor cellular signals. Aorkuler uses a different technology that doesn’t rely on cell service or cell towers.


1. According to the GPS characteristics, Aorkuler is NOT recommended for use in places: in the center of the city with dense buildings, indoors, in thick woods.

2.In case of VAT and customs duty, you can contact us at

Read Why Choose Aorkuler for more information. Or feel free to mail us if you have any inquiry: 

Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Pro- Continuous LIVE Tracker without Monthly Fee, Cell Service and Mobile Phones
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