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Simplifies tracking

I am extremely satisfied with its direction and distance display. It has greatly simplified the process of tracking my dog, providing me with a seamless and hassle-free experience. I no longer have to rely on complicated maps or struggle with deciphering complex instructions. Its simplicity, accuracy, and ease of use have made tracking my dog during outdoor activities a stress-free endeavor. I highly recommend it to fellow pet owners who value simplicity and reliability in their tracking devices.

@Free.9, United States

Cheap and effective!

After many months and over $1000 spent on elaborate systems (and their monthly cell service fees), the Aorkuler tracker and controller combo really works. Inspired by the no BS but super informative video with a young lady in her rural environment, I decided with it being such a small outlay, to risk it. In our rural NC mountainous environment, where cell signals can almost disappear, deer can intercept our daily walks and one of our pooches just cannot resist a good chase. Immediately the tracker is giving me her position.

@thenigeman, United States

Excellent service

I did test drive the tracker last weekend and it worked well. And I believe that this tracker can give me peace of mind when I off-leash walking with my dog. However the original strap was very tight and difficult to take off. After contacted the customer service, they quickly sent me the upgraded strap which is much easier to remove from the collar. I have to give five star for their customer service, even I am not familiar with this kind of GPS devices, but their customer service was very patient, they responded to my questions very promptly.

@Lauren, United States

Its very nice that there’s no fees once you purchase this unit,hhh, this is the reason for my choice. The battery capacity is the largest I have ever seen. I tested this device in the forest around my house and it allowed me to see the dog's direction and distance relative to me, although in dense tree-covered terrain I was able to find my dog quickly through the controller, so I think this tracker works perfectly when you are completely off the grid. Hope to use this GPS tracker on my next hiking trip with my dog.

@annie_le, United Kingdom

"Hogge" my dog, is a young boy, not yet a year, and I worried about him wandering off. If he did, I would not be able to find him. We are surrounded by miles of open country without a reliable cellular network . I have AMAZING tracker now and can have fun with peace of mind around my immediate 5 acres that encompasses the barn, house and pasture . I like this, I don’t have to worry about losing Hogge , its more important than anything
- John Smith,

@john_smith97, Australia

When my dog can get off leash during the camping, I attach the Aorkuler to the collar, in order to give him more freedom at his natural pace and also extra security. Aorkuler helps me to track him in real time without any cellular network and smartphone.
- Jolie,

@joliee, United States

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