The Ultimate Guide to Must-See Before Camping with Your Dog in 2024


With summer in full swing, camping season is upon us in the United States. Many dog-owning families bring their dogs along on camping trips. Camping is an activity that exercises your dog's body and promotes bonding.

Both the dog parent and the dog get to relax physically in the process. However, it is important to understand the dos and don'ts of camping with a dog before you are ready to go.

1.Before Camping: Health Protection

Dog parents need to make preparations before taking their dog camping. They need to make sure that their dog is physically fit for camping. Please refer to the following information to determine whether your dog is suitable for camping.

1.1 Dog Physical Examination

Dog parents should take their dogs to the vet for a physical checkup before they leave. Dog parents should make sure that their dog is not sick or suffering from infectious diseases. If the dog has any of these conditions, dog parents shouldn't take their dog camping.

There are other dogs at the pet-friendly campground. If a dog parent brings a sick dog with them, they may infect other healthy dogs. In addition to this, it might aggravate the dog's illness during the camping trip, which is not conducive to the recovery of the dog's health.

Therefore, taking your dog for a medical checkup before camping is not only a way to protect your dog, but also a way to be responsible for unfamiliar dogs.

If dog parents are sad that they can't take their sick dog on a camping trip, dog parents can re-organize a camping trip when their dog recovers its health. The camping season in the U.S. lasts a long time, so dog parents don't have to worry about not bringing their dogs along for the ride.

1.2 Vaccination

Dog parents should ensure that their dogs have all the necessary vaccinations before preparing for a camping trip. For example, rabies and canine parvovirus vaccinations. Many unseen germs come with camping in the wild. And campgrounds have a wide variety of pets, and there is no guarantee that they are all healthy.

So, dog parents can protect their dogs' health by giving them all vaccinations in advance. Prevent prey in the wild or other sick pets from transmitting diseases to your dog.

1.3 Preventive Medicine

Before camping, dog parents should prepare preventive medications against heartworm, ticks, and other parasites. Dogs will encounter a variety of wildlife while camping. These wild animals may have ticks, etc. on them. Even if the dog is on a leash, it may be contagious!

So, dog parents bring these medications with them and administer medication to their dogs immediately when they notice the presence of bugs in their dogs. This will maximize the protection of their dog's health.

Note: Dog parents can ask their veterinarian whether the upcoming camping areas have these types of parasites. If the veterinarian indicates that there are parasites in these areas, the dog parents can either change the camping site or take precautionary measures

1.4 Dog's Personality

Does your dog like to socialize? Does it have a gentle character? Dog parents need to give clear answers to both questions.

Some dogs do not like touching strangers or unfamiliar pets. When taking this type of dog on a camping trip, the dog may feel fearful. It does not relax well.

If a dog parent wants to take a timid dog camping, try taking the dog to various unfamiliar places first. After building up the dog's courage, then take it camping.

Some dogs are rambunctious and like to bark. When taking this type of dog camping, the barking may interfere with the rest of the campers nearby. In addition to this, the dog may also hurt strangers when it is off the leash. This will cause problems for the dog's parents.

If dog parents are eager to take this type of dog camping, it is advisable to take precautions. For example, getting a dog muzzle for the dog to prevent the dog from barking and biting.

1.5 Training the Dog

Before setting out on the trip, dog parents should make sure that the dog follows instructions and obeys the rules. Avoid eating poisonous plants, such as mushrooms, while your dog is camping.

Veterinarian's advice on camping with dogs.

camping with dogs

2.Before Camping: Preparing Items

Before camping, in addition to checking your dog's health, you should also prepare the items needed for camping.

2.1 Food and Water

During the camping trip dog parents should prepare dog food and dog bowls in addition to human food. Dog parents can look for a lightweight or collapsible bowl that is easier to carry.

2.2 Leash and Stake

In the wild camping, parents need to carry a leash. Dog parents need to keep their dog on a leash when not taking the dog with them on outings. Some campgrounds do not allow dog parents to tie the leash to a tree. So, dog parents can carry a stake.

2.3 First Aid Kit

When camping, injuries may occur. Dog parents need to buy a standard first aid kit. In case of accidents, you can treat the wounds in time. In the first aid box, you can prepare some items that the dog can use. For example, dog bandages, cotton swabs, etc.

2.4 Aorkuler Pet Tracker

Sometimes dog parents let their dogs roam free. Campgrounds are large and dogs may get lost by chasing prey. So, to protect the dog's safety, dog parents need to buy an Aorkuler pet tracker. (Buy now for a discounted price)

This pet tracker uses GPS and radio technology. It doesn't require the cellular network to transmit your dog's location information. So, it works fine in campgrounds with weak cellular signals.

Most of the pet trackers on the market that use cellular networks need to download a cell phone app. These pet trackers can't work properly in places with weak cellular signals. Dog parents also can't use a cell phone app to check their dog's location in real-time.

However, Aorkuler's pet tracker uses a tracker with a controller. When there is no cellular network, dog parents can still view their dog's location in real-time on the controller's screen.

The controller uses an electronic compass method. Even if the dog's parents are not familiar with the campground, they can quickly find their dog based on the direction and distance of their dog on the screen.

The Aorkuler pet tracker does not require dog parents to pay a monthly subscription fee. Dog parents using this pet tracker can reduce their financial burden.

Besides that, the Aorkuler pet tracker has sound and night flash features. When the controller shows that the dog is near the owner but does not show up due to injury or hiding, the dog's parent can use the assistive features.

During the daytime, dog parents can turn on the sound function of the tracker. Then find the location of the dog according to the sound from the tracker.

At night, when the campground has poor visibility, dog parents can use the night flash feature. The tracker worn by the dog will emit three different colors of light. The location of the dog is then found based on the light.

The pet tracker can track the location of the dog in real-time compared to the microchip for dogs. While the dog microchip can only use the scanner to know the dog's information. When the dog is lost, the dog's parents cannot find the dog in time.

If the dog's parents are still worried after using the Aorkuler pet tracker, they can implant a microchip into their dog. With double protection, the risk of losing your dog is reduced, whether you are on a camping trip, or playing with your dog daily.

Note: Aorkuler pet tracker is waterproof to IP67, so dog parents don't need to be afraid of their dogs going to play by the water while camping. Even if the dog accidentally falls into the water, the tracker can still work normally.

If dog parents take their dogs camping in a densely wooded area, the GPS location of the Aorkuler pet tracker may be affected.

This is common for all trackers on the market that require GPS positioning. This is because dense buildings or woods can block the GPS signal.

2.5 Poop Bag

After the dog goes to the toilet in the field, the dog's parents need to clean it up in time. If the dog's parents do not pick up the dog's poop, it may pollute the environment.

2.6 Thick Blanket

When carrying a tent, dog parents remember to carry some thick blankets. When the temperature drops at night, dog parents need to use thick blankets to separate the ground and prevent the cold air from entering the tent from the ground. Of course, the dog also needs a thick blanket!

camping with dogs

3.Before Camping: Campground Selection

Some campgrounds in the United States do not allow humans to bring pets. So, dog parents need to check out which parks allow camping with dogs before they go camping.

3.1 4 Paws Kingdom Campground & Dog Retreat in Rutherfordton, North Carolina

This is a campground specifically for dog parents and dogs in the United States.

3.2 Elkamp Eastcreek in Mineral, Washington

The scenery here is beautiful and dogs are welcome to ride the gondola. And this place has a lot of pet-friendly tent campsites.

3.3 Sun Outdoors Moab Downtown in Moab, Utah

This campground has tent campsites, a swimming pool, and more. It is a pet-friendly place.

3.4 Lost River Valley Campground in North Woodstock, New Hampshire

This campground is near the national forest and has a beautiful view. It offers dog-friendly luxury campgrounds. Puppies can also camp at such places. There are cabins in the campground where dog parents can stay. Dog parents can also set up their tents.

More pet-friendly campgrounds.


Camping with dogs is a happy thing. Dog parents can get close to their fluffy friends in the wild and keep each other company. Dog parents need to make full preparations before camping to ensure the safety of their dogs.

In particular, dog parents need to purchase an Aorkuler pet tracker for their dogs. Use it to track your dog's location in real-time during the camping trip. And make sure that the dog can return safely in the free time.

Now it is the camping season in the United States, so let's enjoy the fun of camping with our dogs!

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