2024 Tracking Chip for a Dog Discussion: Does it Exist?


Tracking chip for a dog versus a pet GPS tracker, dog parents may prefer to buy the former. Dog parents don't have to worry about losing it because they can implant it into the dog's body. But do tracking chip for a dog exist?

I don't know why many dog parents are searching for a tracking chip for a dog on Google. There is indeed a microchip on the market that can implanted in the dog, but it does not have a tracking effect.

There is currently no GPS chip for a dog developed on the market. The chip with GPS technology not only needs a power supply but is also very large. Implanting it into the dog's body can be very painful for them.

A pet GPS tracker is a device that specializes in tracking a dog's location. Although it can't implant into the dog's body, it helps a lot in the dog's safety.

I will introduce you to the main functions of microchips for dogs and the benefits of pet GPS trackers. Maybe the dog parents can combine the two, which can provide an additional guarantee for the dog's safety.

1.Microchip for Dogs

The microchip for dogs uses RFID technology and is the same size as a grain of rice. It is a small electronic chip encapsulated in a glass cylinder. It does not contain GPS technology, so it does not have tracking capabilities.

It is mainly useful for storing information about your dog. After implanting the microchip in the dog, the dog parents need to fill in the information about themselves and their dog on the app.

The vet or shelter can scan the lost dog with a scanner. They will get the contact information of the dog's parent. This will help the dog parents to get their dog back.

Some microchips can also store the dog's medical records and vaccinations. If the dog is sick, the veterinarian can look at its previous medical history.

Although dog microchips implanted in dogs are not easy to lose and do not need to charge. But a lost dog requires a good people to take it to a place with a scanner.

If the dog gets lost in the wild, it struggles to encounter humans. Then the probability that the dog's parents want to retrieve the dog is very low. So, the dog parents can't depend on the dog's traveling safety on the dog microchip.

And dog parents need to update the information registered on the app in time. Otherwise, the contact information scanned after the dog was lost is not correct.

2.Pet GPS Tracker

Pet trackers using GPS are available in the market. Compared with microchips for dogs, pet GPS trackers can't implant into the dog's body. Dogs can only wear them around their neck for use. And the dog's parents need to charge them regularly.

There are two types of pet GPS trackers. One type is a pet tracker that uses GPS and radio technology. The other type is pet trackers that use GPS and cellular networks.

Dog parents use this type of pet GPS tracker to view their dog's location information. When the dog is lost, the dog's parents can retrieve the dog through the controller or mobile app.

In addition to that, pet GPS trackers have health monitoring, electronic fences, waterproofing, and other functions. They can assist dog parents in keeping their dogs safe.

A user on Quora answered whether it is worth buying a pet tracker for your dog.

Quora user answered it is worth buying a pet tracker


The two types of pet GPS trackers are suitable for different environments. Dog parents can decide which type of tracker to buy based on their living environment.

2.1 Urban

Dog parents who live in cities have better cellular signals. They can use pet trackers with GPS and cellular networks. For example, pet trackers from Tractive, Whistle, and FitBark.

These types of pet GPS trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit location data. It doesn't track well if the dog's parents use it in places with weak cellular signals.

So, using this type of pet GPS tracker in rural or suburban areas may pose a threat to the dog's safety. The dog's parents need to pay a monthly fee to the cellular operator for using the network.

Dog parents need to download a cellular app to view the location data. After purchasing this pet GPS tracker, dog parents need to activate the information in time.

They have the function of electronic fencing. Dog parents can set the range of the dog's activity. When the dog leaves the range, the dog parent's cell phone will ring an alarm.

They also have the function of monitoring the dog's health. They will upload the dog's activity data to the app. Dog parents can check the dog's sleep, and exercise. If there is any abnormality, they can take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time.

2.2 Rural or Suburban Areas

Cellular signals are weak in rural or suburban areas. Pet trackers with GPS and radio technology can work in such places. For example, Aorkuler's pet GPS tracker.

Aorkuler primarily uses radio technology to transmit location data. It is not subject to the strength of cellular signals. So, it can track your dog's location in real-time in rural or suburban areas.

Dog owners do not need to pay a monthly fee to cellular network operator. This is because the device used for tracking the dog does not require the use of the cell network.

Aorkuler's pet tracker connects to the controller. Dog parents don't need to download an app. They can see where their dog is on the controller's screen. And it uses a radio and a controller that protects the user's private data well.

A user on Quora said that Aorkuler's pet tracker is safe using the controller.

Quora user said that Aorkuler's pet tracker is safe

Its pet GPS tracker has sound and night flash functions. When the controller shows "nearby" but the dog doesn't show up, the dog's parents can turn on the sound function. Then the parents can know the location of the dog according to the sound made by the tracker.

If the vision is not good, you can use the night flash function. The tracker has three different colors of light and the dog parent can find the dog quickly.

Besides that, Aorkuler's pet tracker has an IP67 waterproof function. Even if the dog accidentally falls into a mud puddle, the tracker can still work normally.

3.Tracking Chips for a Dog: Microchips for Dogs and Pet GPS Trackers

There are no microchips specifically made for tracking dogs. However, you can use a pet tracker in combination with a microchip to monitor your furry friend's whereabouts. This way, you can keep track of your dog's location and ensure their safety.

Combining a microchip with a pet tracker is a great way to provide extra security for your beloved pet. Dog parents can implant a microchip in their dog and then purchase a pet tracker. This way the dog has double security.

dog and dog parent


A tracking chip for a dog is risky to implant in a dog. And no one on the market produces these products. If dog parents want to protect the safety of their dogs, it is better to buy a pet GPS tracker.

Dog parents can choose the best pet GPS tracker according to the strength of the cellular signal in the area where they live. If you want to make your dog more secure, you can choose to implant a microchip for dogs and wear a pet tracker.

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