2024 Hike-Friendly Dog Breed Recommendations and Safety Measures


Summer is the season for dog parents to take their dogs hiking with them. They can share the scenery and interesting things along the way together. So as a dog parent, do you know what dog breeds are suitable for hiking?

Hiking is a physically demanding process. And the dog's paws may get hurt when walking on the mountain path for a long time.

So, dog parents should make sure that their dogs can exercise for a long time before taking them hiking. At the same time, take safety measures for your dog in advance.

1.Hiking Dog Breeds

Many dog parents on hiking trips want to bring their fluffy friends along for the adventure. Some people love the outdoors and wish to have a dog that accompanies them on their hikes.

So, do you know which dogs can't exercise outdoors for long time? First are puppies and small dogs. They have limited energy and can't do intense workouts. The second is flat-faced dogs. This type of dog is more prone to heat stroke than dogs with long noses.

So which canines can hike? The answer is most medium and large dogs, which have better energy and can exercise outdoors for long time.

1.1 French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are flat-faced. They are poorly adapted to hot weather. Prolonged exercise can cause them to be out of breath. Therefore, French Bulldogs are not suitable for hiking.

French Bulldog

1.2 Pug 

Pug, like French Bulldogs, are prone to heat stroke. It is better for dog parents not to take it on hiking trips.


1.3 Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, adventurous breed. Although it is called the Australian Shepherd, it is a breed that originated in the United States in the 1800s.

The Australian Shepherd is a working dog with strong herding and guarding abilities. It excels in search and rescue work and is widely praised for its high level of obedience.

Its common roles are as a ranch working dog, guide dog, drug dog, search dog, or guard dog.

Previously the Australian Shepherd was obscure in countries other than the United States. But now its high obedience, ease of training, and loyalty have increased its popularity in other countries.

It is physically strong, loves the outdoors, and is capable of walking for long periods. It is an excellent companion for dog parents to take on hiking trips.

Australian Shepherd

1.4 Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a powerful breed that is determined, loyal, intelligent, sturdy, and agile. It originated in its native Switzerland 100 years ago.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a hard-working dog that thrives in cold climates. It is generally useful for assisting humans in farming and driving away beasts.

It is large and enjoys strenuous exercise. Dog parents can exercise their Bernese Mountain Dog by taking it hiking. So, it is also a good dog breed for hiking.

Bernese Mountain Dog

1.5 Alaskan Sled Dog

The Alaskan Sled Dog is strong, sturdy, wild, and muscular. It is one of the oldest sled dogs. Its name originates from the Malamute people who lived in western Alaska.

In the old days, the Alaskan sled dog was used to hunt animals such as polar bears and wolves. It was also a large working dog used for long-distance pulling and sledding.

Due to traits inherited from its ancestors, the Alaskan Sled Dog enjoys spending the day outdoors. So, it can accompany its pet owners on hikes.

Alaskan Sled Dog

1.6 Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are strong, intelligent, and resistant to exhaustion. They have a tightly curled coat and a strong desire to work. The Portuguese Water Dog is mainly found on the southern coast of Portugal. It is a swimmer and diver, by fishermen.

The Portuguese Water Dog is not only tasked with going to sea but also with guarding boats and property. On board, they will focus on following action commands and jump into the water. Some will even dive deeper to catch fish that slip through the nets.

Despite their small size, Portuguese Water Dogs love strenuous exercise. Dog parents can fulfill their daily exercise needs by taking this type of dog on hikes.

Portuguese Water Dog

1.7 German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an intelligent and adaptable breed. It is suitable for walking in mountains or forests. They have solid bones, and strong hind limbs and are light and agile. It is a good choice for a hiking dog.

German Shepherd

1.8 Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland, Canada. It is sturdy and durable, has a good sense of smell, and is gentle, intelligent, and sociable. It is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. It makes a good hiking companion.

Labrador Retriever

1.9 Vizsla

Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla can get along well with other animals. The Vizsla is loyal and friendly to its owner. Due to their innate beliefs as hounds, the Vizsla have maintained a need for exercise and a love of the outdoors.

It is energetic and can adapt to hot weather, but has a harder time adapting to colder climates. They are ideal for dog parents looking for an active hiking companion.


More canines.

2.Safety Measures

Although hiking with a fluffy friend can relax, it is important to take protective measures. And dogs may get lost on hiking trips, these tools will help both dogs and dog parents. For example, leash, Aorkuler pet tracker, etc.

In 2017, the Columbia River Gorge caught fire due to a 15-year-old boy setting off firecrackers. Thus 153 hikers were stranded overnight on six miles of the Eagle Creek Trail.

No one knows what will happen until an accident occurs. So, all we can do is try to take safety measures before we set out.

2.1 Leash

Although hiking with your dog should provide freedom and relaxation, a leash is essential. Dogs can suddenly leave their owners during a hike, so keeping your dog on a leash will keep them safe. This is the most effective way to stop your dog from getting lost in the wilderness

2.2 Dog Snacks

Before taking your dog on an outdoor hike, dog parents must train their dog. The wilderness is full of uncertainty, and after untying the leash, the dog may run off into the distance.

If the dog is not trained to return to the pet owner, the dog is at risk of being lost. Therefore, dog parents need to train their dogs with snacks to return to their owners when they hear the call.

During hiking trips, dog parents carry some dog snacks that will prevent the dog from wandering off.

2.3 Aorkuler Pet Tracker

Some dogs may not respond to their owner's calls because they are chasing prey. As they run further and further away, the dog parents cannot know where they are. So, dog parents can buy a pet tracker for their dogs.

Most of the hiking areas have weak cellular signals. If the dog parents use a pet tracker that requires a cellular network, they cannot track their dog in real-time. These pet trackers do not work properly in places with weak cellular signals.

Aorkuler's pet tracker does not require a cellular network. It uses GPS to locate the dog and radio technology to transmit information about the dog's location.

When a dog runs away from its owner, the dog's parents can view the dog's direction and distance in real-time on the controller's screen. This electronic compass display allows dog parents to quickly find their dog even in unfamiliar environments.

So, this pet tracker can track your dog's location in real-time in the wild and protect your dog's safety. It does not require a monthly subscription fee, so dog parents can use it with no worries.

If the dog is escaping during the nighttime, how can the dog's parents find their dog? No need to worry! Aorkuler pet tracker has sound and night flash function.

When the controller's screen shows nearby, dog parents can turn on the night flash function. The dog's tracker will glow. Parents can find their dog by the light.

Parents can also use the sound function to train their dogs before starting the hike. The dog parent turns on the sound feature and then calls the dog to come to the side and feed it.

After a few repetitions, the dog will return to its owner when it hears the sound of the tracker.

In this way, when the dog leaves its owner during a hiking trip, the dog's parent can call it back in time.

However, this device that uses GPS to locate the dog cannot work in dense forests. This is because dense forests can block the GPS signal, resulting in inaccurate positioning.

This is not unique to the Aorkuler pet tracker. Every pet tracker that uses GPS is subject to this.

2.4 Dog's Familiar Clothing

If the dog's parents have used all three of these methods and the dog is still lost. They can put the dog's familiar clothing in the place where the dog was last seen. When naughty dogs want to return to their owners, they will look for familiar smells.

2.5 Flashlights and Headlamps

When night comes, lights are necessary to illuminate the neighborhood. Dog parents should make sure their devices are fully charged and carry spare batteries.

2.6 First Aid Kit

Both humans and dogs may get injured while exploring. Dog parents need to carry a standard first aid kit. Replenish it with additional first-aid items that your dog will need.

2.7 Sunscreen

UV rays are strong when hiking in the wilderness in the summer. The sun's prolonged rays on both human and dog skin can cause sunburn. Dog parents need to prepare different sunscreens. Dogs should not use human sunscreen; it is harmful to the skin.

2.8 Multi-Functional Pocket Knife

Dog parents can carry a pocket knife that is designed for outdoor adventures. This type of knife is usually easy to carry and more versatile. It can serve to open up paths and cut food during hiking trips, etc.

2.9 Fire

If dog parents are planning to take their dog for an overnight stay in the wilderness, then make sure to prepare a fire. Dog parents can carry matches or a fire starter. When night comes, the temperature in the wilderness drops. Dog parents and dogs need fire to keep warm and to cook food.

Note: Please extinguish the fire when it is not necessary to use it to avoid causing a fire!

2.10 Food and Water

Dog parents should carry extra food and water when hiking with their dogs. It will ensure that they won't go hungry if an accident occurs.

2.11 Thick Blankets

When spending the night in the wild, dog parents need to carry warm coats and blankets. The dog should not touch the ground directly when sleeping at night, otherwise it may catch a cold.

2.12 Dog Boots

Humans wear hiking boots when hiking. After a day's journey, the paws of the feet will not bleed from the ground. However, dogs don't have shoes and their paws may get injured. Even if the dog's strength is unexhausted, the injured pads of flesh can prevent them from moving forward.

If the dog's parents do not treat the wounds in time, the dogs are also at risk of infection. Therefore, dog parents should prepare a pair of dog boots for their dogs.

When encountering rough terrain, dog parents can put short boots on their dogs to protect their paws. In this way, the dog's meat pads can reduce the risk of injury.


Dog parents who take their dogs hiking with them can relax and reduce stress. They can discover interesting things together. But before going on a hike dog parents need to make all kinds of preparations.

After reading this article, I hope dog parents and dogs can enjoy hiking safely on a hiking trip.

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