Long haired dachshund: Explore This Charming Breed


Do you want a dog that is loyal and full of personality? The long haired dachshund might be a good choice. It is known for its long coat, deep eyes, and unique body shape.

They are not only adorable but also intelligent and tenacious. Keeping them can bring joy to the family. Continue reading this article to learn more about long haired dachshunds.

Long haired dachshunds

1.Historical Origins of the Long haired dachshund

Germany in the 19th century produced the Dachshund, a dog with a mixture of multiple canine bloodlines. Their narrow bodies and short limbs allowed them to dig badger burrows on land. Their ancestors used to live in the forest and help humans catch badgers.

Later, after a long period of crossbreeding and selective breeding, Dachshunds gradually formed three different types. These three breeds are the short-haired Dachshund, the long haired dachshund, and the bristly-haired Dachshund.

2.Appearance of the Long haired dachshund

Long haired dachshunds are easily recognizable by their slender bodies and short limbs. They have moderately long rounded ears and a long mouth. Their coat is smooth, shiny, and wavy. They have longer hair on the ears, neck, chest, back of the legs, and underside of the body, while the hair on the back is shorter.

Long haired dachshunds have black, tan, cream, and red colors. The standard long haired dachshund stands 8 to 9 inches tall and weighs 16 to 32 pounds. The miniature Longhair Dachshund is 5 to 6 inches tall and weighs up to 11 pounds.

3.Long haired dachshund Personality

The long haired dachshund has a lively, outgoing, and courageous personality. They can quickly adapt to a new environment. Pet owners can breed it without worrying that the dog won't adapt to a new family.

Long haired dachshunds are intelligent, stubborn, and independent. They have a strong desire to hunt for food. Pet owners should attract their attention when training them. Trying to train a long haired dachshund is a challenge for the owner.

Long haired dachshunds are very loyal to their owners. They will give their owners all the love they have. They make excellent loyal companions for humans.

Long haired dachshund

4.Care of Long haired dachshund

Coat Care: Before bathing, pet owners should use a comb to smooth the coat of long haired dachshunds from head to toe. This will reduce cleaning stress when bathing them.

While combing, pet owners should be careful not to use too much force and cause tearing of the hair. After the bath, pet owners can apply olive oil to dogs on the coat. This will make the dog's fur smoother and shinier.

Regular nail trimming: Pet owners should regularly trim their dogs' nails to avoid the nails being too long to affect the dog's walking. Long haired dachshunds should also have their feet trimmed regularly. If pet owners don't know how to trim, they can go to a professional grooming store for help.

Avoid strenuous exercise: The long haired dachshund has a long body and short legs. It can't do strenuous exercise, or it may lead to bone disease.

Reduce climbing: Long haired dachshunds have a long spine, and long-term climbing exercises can lead to spinal injuries.

Training: You can start training the long haired dachshund when it is three months old. Pet owners can lure them with safe toys and teach them good behavior.

Increase companion time: Long haired dachshunds are very dependent on their owners. Pet owners should take some extra time to play with their dogs during the day.

Increase companion time: Long haired dachshunds are very dependent on their owners. Pet owners should take some extra time to play with their dogs during the day.

5.People often ask:

5.1 Is a long haired dachshund a good pet?

Of course, it is loyal, brave, cute, and lively. It can be a friend to people of any age.

5.2 Does the long haired dachshund lose a lot of hair?

Long haired dachshunds do not shed a lot of hair. They shed their fur twice a year with the seasons.

5.3 Does the long haired dachshund live a long life?

The long haired dachshund is a healthy dog. It has an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

5.4 Does the long haired dachshund sleep a lot?

They sleep very well. They can sleep up to 16 hours a day.

5.5 Do long haired dachshunds have body odor?

They don't shed very much. So, there is almost no body odor.


Long haired dachshunds are loyal and lovable, making them a qualified family pet. If you are thinking of feeding a small dog, the long haired dachshund is recommended for you. After breeding, please remember to groom it regularly to maintain its appearance and health.

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