GPS Collars for Dogs: Best Pet Tracker Choices for 2024


Dogs are not only our faithful companions but also our family members. However, there are incidents of lost dogs on Google News every week. The process of pet owners searching for their dogs every time is full of anxiety and uncertainty. To solve this problem, the pet smart home industry has introduced GPS collars for dogs.

It not only tracks your dog's location in real time but also greatly reduces the risk of your dog getting lost. Continue reading this article to know how different types of GPS dog collars work and, the selection guide.

1.Lost Dogs

With the increase in the number of pet-owning families, incidents of dogs missing occur frequently. Every week there is news of lost dogs asking for help in finding them.

Bringjacksonhome, a website for finding dogs, mentions that more than 10 million pets are lost in the United States in 2024. The chances of finding a lost pet through a shelter or publication in a newspaper are thirty-eight percent.

the number of lost dogs

Incidents of lost dogs are increasing, and pet owners should take steps to keep their dogs safe. But we can't limit our dogs' freedom, and they need to get out and stay healthy.

To help pet owners with this type of problem, the GPS Collar for Dogs arose. It fits around the dog's neck, locates the pet's position in real time, and sends the information to the pet owner. Even if the dog is lost, the pet owner can quickly find the pet based on the location information.

GPS dog collar will not affect the dog's daily life. It is usually small and lightweight and will not cause weight pressure on the dog. Compared with AirTag, a GPS dog collar is more practical.

2.GPS Collars for Dogs

Have you ever known about GPS collars for dogs? Do you want to buy one for your pet but don't know how to pick one? Next, I will introduce you to GPS collars for dogs.

There are two different types of GPS collars for dogs on the market that work differently. I will analyze three different brands of GPS collars for dogs for users' reference.

2.1 FitBark GPS Collars for Dogs

FitBark's GPS collar for dogs consists of GPS and a cellular network. It works like two people talking on a cell phone. After the GPS location, the pet's location information transmits to the cell phone app through nearby cellular base stations.

The speed of their data transmission depends on the cellular signal. It transmits data and requires a good cellular signal near the pet and pet owner. If the cellular signal is weak and transferring data is slow, then the GPS collar for dogs will not work properly. So, it is difficult for this type of GPS collar for dogs to do real-time tracking.

Due to the use of the cellular network, the pet owner needs to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cellular operator.

FitBark has an electronic fence function. Pet owners can set a range for their pet's activities. When the pet leaves this range, the pet owner's cell phone will sound an alarm. This allows the pet owner to get in touch with their pet and effectively avoid losing their pet.

But there are times when FitBark may misreport information. This results in the pet not moving, but the pet owner's cell phone keeps sounding an alarm.

FitBark also has the function of monitoring the pet's activity. It helps pet owners to access their dog's physical health. Pet owners can determine if their pets are sick by viewing their pet's activity data on the mobile app.

The use of the above features requires the pet owner to download the mobile app. Pet owners need to read the privacy policy carefully and protect their private data. This will help prevent unscrupulous people from stealing private data.


Advantages of FitBark: 1. Electronic fence function

2.Activity monitoring

3.Compact size

Cons: 1. Subscription fee

2.Can't work in places with weak cellular signals

3.Can't track in real time

4.Electronic fence function can misreport information

2.2 PitPat GPS Collars for Dogs

PitPat's GPS collar for dogs also consists of GPS and a cellular network. It works the same as FitBark's GPS collar for dogs. It needs a good cellular signal to transmit data. Thus, it can't work in rural or suburban areas.

PitPat's GPS dog collar has the same function as an electronic fence and dog activity monitoring. Pet owners can use these features to know how their dogs are doing after downloading the mobile app.

So how is it different from FitBark?

The first one is the subscription fee. PitPat has no monthly subscription fee even though it uses a cellular network. Whereas FitBark requires a monthly subscription fee.

The second is the price. PitPat is expensive compared to GPS dog collars that use cellular networks, PitPat's GPS dog collars cost around $199. Traditional GPS dog collars using cellular networks cost around $50.


Advantages of PitPat: 1. Electronic fence function

2.Activity monitoring function

3.No subscription fee

4.Compact size

Cons: 1. Expensive

2.Can't use it in rural or suburban areas

3.Electronic fence function can misreport information

4.Can't track in real time

2.3 Aorkuler GPS Collars for Dogs

Aorkuler's GPS collars for dogs are different from traditional trackers. It consists of GPS and radio technology. After GPS positioning, the pet's location information is transmitted via radio technology.

The pet owner does not need to download a mobile app to receive the pet's location information. Aorkuler uses a controller to receive the location data and display the direction as an electronic compass.

If the pet is near the owner, the owner can see "nearby" on the controller's screen. If the pet is far away from the owner, the owner can see the pet's specific direction on the controller's screen.

This display allows pet owners to quickly find their pet's location even when they are in an unfamiliar environment.

Aorkuler's GPS collar for dogs uses radio technology to transmit data. It does not require the use of a cellular network. The data transmission speed is not dependent on the cellular signal. So, it can track pets in real-time and transmit location information to the controller.

Users can also use this brand of GPS dog collar in rural or suburban areas. In addition to this, it does not require a monthly subscription fee. Users do not have to pay extra after purchase.

This GPS dog collar has sound and night flash features. Pet owners can turn on the sound feature to quickly find their pets when they are nearby. In case of poor visibility, the pet owner can turn on the night flash feature.

These two features can be very helpful in finding a lost dog. Pet owners can also use the sound function to train their dogs to come home. When the sound goes off, the pet owner calls out to the dog next to him and feeds him. After a few repetitions, the dog will return to the owner for food when the sound rings.

The use of controllers and radio technology also allows this product to effectively protect the user's private information. Unruly elements cannot steal the user's information through the radio. So, by using this product, users can feel at ease.


Advantages of Aorkuler: 1. Real-time tracking

2.No subscription fee

3.Can use in rural or suburban areas

4.Sound and night flash function

5.Privacy protection

6.Compact size

7.Electronic compass way to show location

Cons: 1. No electronic fence function

2.No activity monitoring function

3.Tracking range of only 3.5 miles

If you live in a city, you don't usually go to places with weak cellular signals. You can choose a GPS dog collar with a cellular network. If you live in rural areas, or suburbs or like outdoor adventure, you can choose the Aorkuler GPS dog collar.

GPS collars for dogs


When a dog is lost, not only the pet owner is anxious, but the dog is also very scared. The number of lost pets is gradually increasing every year, and the chances of finding them are small. To protect the safety of dogs, pet owners need to buy a GPS collar for dogs.

It can track the pet's location and transmit the location information to the pet owner. Pet owners can keep an eye on their dogs after purchase. With a GPS collar for dogs, both you and your dog can enjoy every day with peace of mind.


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