Can Your GPS Dog Collar be Used Freely in Rural Area?


The rural area is vast and sprawling, and your lovely pets are liberated to play. At the same time, there are chances that your pet can get lost in the vastness of the land and cause serious uneasiness to the owner without GPS dog collar.

But can all the devices called GPS dog collar available in the market keep your pet safe in rural area? The truth is that they don't.


1.Potential dangers in rural area

Some pet breeds are naive and fragile flowers in the greenhouse, while others are capable of hunting in the wild. But no matter which breed of pet dog they are, they can face a variety of emergencies when confronted with the complexity and variability of the wilderness environment after getting lost.

  • Food and water shortages
  • Accidental injury and attack
  • Poisoning
  • Theft by unruly elements

Lost in the wild for a long period of time, pets that have become accustomed to pet food may not be able to find suitable food and water sources, and pets may become hungry and dehydrated.

In addition to this, sharp objects may stab the pet, steep cliffs or fast flowing rivers etc. may lead to the direct death of the pet. Also wild animals in the wild may attack pets.

Plants, pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful to pets exist in the wild, and pets may react with poisoning if they accidentally eat or come into contact with them.

Finally, unscrupulous people like to steal other people's pets for some financial gain or special psychology, and pets may face permanent loss and abuse.

Therefore, once your pet is lost in the wild, look for and retrieve your pet as soon as possible.


2. GPS dog collar using cellular networks in rural area

There exist many GPS dog collars on the market like Fitbark, Tractive and Tryfi that track with the help of 4G networks.

Their transmission process is like this: the position of the tracker is first uploaded to the operator's platform through 4G network, then forwarded to the manufacturer's server, and finally downloaded to the cell phone through 4G/wifi and displayed through software.

This process shows that they are highly dependent on network signal to complete the tracking. So they are more suitable for use in urban areas with good signal than in remote villages.

Here's some of reviews from users who have used them in rural area:

--Gary barnes from Tractive

"UPDATE-I absolutely hate this product-They should change the name to Waiting for Network.

We live in the country and the cell service isn’t strong. The “live” function doesn’t work at all. The battery drains in about two days and spends too much time on the charger. Tractive’s answer was for me to run wifi out to the chicken coop (where the Great Pyrenees stay) so the gps wouldn’t work so hard to get a connection. And finally, the rubber piece that holds the gps to the collar has already broken. Conveniently, they sell replacements (said with condescension).

Here’s a real example. Our neighbor texts us that the dogs are on her property. I jump in the gator, drive over and get the dogs back on our place. As I’m putting the gator away I get a text from Tractive that the dogs have left the property. Thanks.

I imagine if you live in the city it may work great with perfect cell coverage."

--Joshua Robertson from Fitbark

"This is for city use where there is full time wifi or very good cell reception. poor accuracy when camping, it will show my pup a block away. The "find" feature is slow and inaccurate."


3.Working principle of Aorkuler GPS dog collar

    Instead of using a cellular-based module such as 4G, Aorkuler dog collar has innovated a low-power, long-distance tracker using wireless technology. Its data can be transmitted directly between the tracker and the controller, completely independent of the cellular network, and instantly displays the pet's location.

    The wireless network technology means that Aorkuler dog GPS collar does not need to rely on 4G and is not as limited as 4G network technology. So even in very remote areas, the Aorkuler GPS dog collar can be used to a great extent. Learn more about the simple and pure tracking experience.


    hiking with dogs



    4.Practical experience of Aorkuler GPS Dog Collar in the countryside

      The signal tracking principle of the Aorkuler GPS dog collar is designed in such a convenient way  especially for pet owners who live in areas with poor network signals and people who like to travel with their dogs to areas with poor network signals. They gave some positive answers about how the Aorkuler GPS dog collar actually performs in the countryside, for example:

      --Edw from Aorkuler

      “My Gigi has always used tracker. We live in L.A and have good cell reception. But since we are big fan of weekends away exploring, Gigi's tracker is not always work when we are deep in mountain, even our cellphone got no reception. But for this product, I would call it a must-have tracker.

      here are some pros Id like to list:

      It doesn't need a cell phone or cell signal, so I don't really need to worry about to find a spot to get my phone connected. It is easy to read, and real time updated where ma dog is. no need to download offline maps.

      Compact, it fits our whippet better than a Garmin.

      No app is needed on my phone, so no worries about harassment or endless messages.

      Great service, basically answered all questions and get us responded within 24 hours via email.

      There are also some room for improvement:

      the connection was occasionally a little slow, requiring an extra minute of waiting. Battery was perfectly adequate for a great hiking, but a longer battery life wont hurt.

      Overall, this device is great for hiking or any outdoor activity with your dog or even cat getting away from city. Doing its great job in tracking. and give back live update full-time response. Actually It might also work to track your kid or fellow who travel with you safely. the handheld controller is easy to use and read. and this one is smaller, lighter and cheaper than a Garmin.”



        Indeed, Aorkuler GPS dog collar can track properly in remote areas where other GPS trackers don't work well, except in dense urban areas and heavily forested areas.

        Aorkuler GPS dog collar is really a worthwhile choice compared to other tracker brands for people who want to use a pet tracker freely in rural area.

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