Petfon GPS Tracker in 2024: Secrets You Should Know

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Petfon is a pet tracker brand gaining popularity among many dog parents. It is different from the traditional GPS tracker that uses a cellular network. Petfon GPS tracker uses GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and long-range wireless technology.

In addition to this, Petfon also sells headphones for human use. You can see several different styles of headphones on the official website.

Many authoritative websites, such as People, recommend the Petfon GPS tracker. So, is the Petfon GPS tracker still providing better service to users? recommend Petfon

To help users understand the newest situation of Petfon, I checked the information about Petfon in detail. In the process of searching, I inferred some information. I hope it can help dog parents to know about the Petfon GPS tracker in 2024.

1.Pros of Petfon GPS Tracker

1.1 No Subscription Fee

This GPS tracker uses radio technology to transmit data information. It does not require the involvement of a cellular network. So, dog parents don't need to pay a monthly subscription fee after purchasing the Petfon GPS tracker.

Pet trackers on the market that use cellular networks require users to pay a monthly fee to the cellular carrier. In contrast, the Petfon GPS tracker with no subscription fee will reduce the financial burden of users.

And it can work in places without cellular signals. It is a practical GPS tracker for users who live in rural or suburban areas.

1.2 Beautiful Appearance

The Petfon GPS tracker is compact and has a nice appearance. It has a stylish design that appeals to many users. Small dogs can wear a Petfon GPS tracker. It will not burden the daily lives of small dogs.

1.3 Electronic Fence

Petfon has the function of an electronic fence. Dog parents can set a range for their pets. When the pet leaves the range, the owner's cell phone will sound an alarm. Sometimes there may be false alarms.

This function can facilitate users to monitor their pets. It avoids the situation where the dog parent doesn't realize when the pet runs far away. Users on Amazon say this feature is useful.

Electronic Fence: Amazon review

1.4 Movement History

Most dog parents will be curious about where their pets go or where they like to play in a day. And the Petfon GPS tracker can monitor your pet's exercise history. Dog parents can view the history data on the mobile app. When the pet is lost, the dog parent can prioritize looking for the place where the pet likes to play.

I intercepted an Amazon user review. The user is happy with this feature. She can know where pets are active throughout the day.

Movement History: Amazon review

1.5 Customized Voice Alerts

Petfon GPS tracker supports the feature of recording voice alerts for dog parents. Dog parents can follow the instructions and record the words they usually train their pets. When the pet is away from the owner, the owner can recall the pet by playing the recorded voice.

Amazon user has also expressed he or she love for this feature.

Customized Voice Alerts: Amazon review

2.Cons of the Petfon GPS Tracker

I found a lot of issues with the product while going through the Amazon reviews for the Petfon GPS tracker. The following is for users' reference.

2.1 Not Waterproof

Petfon's product page states that its product is rainproof. However, it cannot be used in pools, which means it cannot take a dip in water. Dogs generally like to play in puddles or mud puddles. Wearing this tracker would mean that the dog would lose contact with its owner when it falls into a puddle.

Pet trackers on the market nowadays are constantly upgrading. These trackers still work even if the dog falls into a puddle. Petfon's product is slightly inferior to them. If using Petfon's tracker, dog parents will worry when their dogs go to play in places with water.

As you can find in the Amazon reviews, many dog parents are not happy with the waterproof feature. Once the tracker gets into the water, it will stop working. I have intercepted some of the reviews.

Not Waterproof: Amazon review
Not Waterproof: Amazon review

2.2 Need to Download Mobile App

This product needs a tracker, controller, and mobile app to work properly. Dog parents have to carry three devices when they take their dogs out. This is very inconvenient, especially when the cell phone has no signal, and the app will not work.

In addition to this, the user's account for logging into the app cannot be shared with others. It can only view a pet's data information on one phone. This means that if your family member is walking the dog, but can't log in to the app to get the pet information. Unless you delete the account information on your phone.

Users logging into the App can share their pet's data information for others to see. But others can't operate it, such as setting up a geofence. This restriction on logging into the App causes trouble for dog parents.

I intercepted some users' comments on the Amazon platform. 

Petfon Mobile App: isn't convenience
Petfon Mobile App: isn't sharing

2.3 Inaccurate Positioning

The tracking performance of the Petfon GPS tracker is not good. It has a built-in antenna for receiving signals, which is small and affects tracking performance.

There are times when the tracker disconnects from the controller. The dog parent can't get the location information of the pet. This situation poses a threat to the safety of the pet.

Amazon users are not satisfied with this. The tracker is not able to track the location of the pet. I have intercepted some of the user comments.

Inaccurate Positioning: Amazon review
Inaccurate Positioning: Amazon review

3.Secrets of the Petfon GPS Tracker: Presumably Discontinued

The more important question than the pros and cons of the Petfon GPS tracker is whether the brand still serves its users.

While searching for information about Petfon on the website, I speculated that the Petfon GPS tracker may be out of production. I will list some evidence for you.

1.Petfon's official website has not been updated for a long time.

2.I used a third-party tool to check Petfon's sales on the Amazon platform. Petfon has been out of stock one by one since April 2023, until last Q3, when it was completely discontinued at Amazon.

In addition, Petfon has a small amount of slow-moving inventory remaining at Chewy and eBay.

3.Petfon has not updated and maintained the app for a long time. Some app markets even took down the Petfon app, and some users can't download and use the app now.

I found some evidence of this in the following places. Recently on YouTube, under the video about the Petfon GPS tracker, users have been asked about the app's reviews.

First user

user's review on Petfon YouTube

Second user

user's review on Petfon YouTube

There are many dog parents still searching for a Petfon GPS tracker, but currently, it may not be suitable for dog parents. When the mobile app is not working, dog parents can't track their pets.

So, users can't enjoy the service after purchasing the Petfon GPS tracker now. It will also be very troublesome and time-consuming for dog parents to return the product later. There are many other pet trackers in the market. For example, the Aorkuler GPS tracker.  The Aorkuler's controller uses an external extended antenna, which is larger and receives a better signal.

It requires no cellular network, has no subscription fees, and tracks your pet in real time. Waterproof with IP67, it can work properly in puddles. Compared to the Petfon, Aorkuler is more suitable for dog parents to use to track their pets' location.


There are still dog parents who are interested in the Petfon GPS tracker but are not aware if they are still sold. Based on all indications and feedback from some users, Petfon is most likely out of production. It no longer provides a better service to dog parents.

I hope this article will help dog parents get the newest information about the Petfon GPS tracker. If you're looking to buy a pet tracker, maybe consider another brand.

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