Best Dog GPS Collar in 2024: Which is Worth Buying?


Have you ever known about a dog GPS collar? There are many different types of dog GPS collars on the market. As a dog parent, a dog GPS collar is a necessary device to keep your dog safe.

Are you unsure how to choose among the many popular dog GPS collars? Tractive is so familiar that it no longer needs an introduction.

For this reason, I chose to analyze and compare two dog GPS collars of the same type (FitBark and Fi) and a different work principle Aorkuler dog GPS collar.

I hope it will help dog parents to choose the best dog GPS collar.

FitBark's Dog GPS Collar

FitBark's dog GPS collar is made up of GPS and a cellular network. It works by utilizing GPS for positioning and the cellular network to transmit the positioning data.

If the cellular signal is weak near the dog and the dog's parents, then the dog's parents can't track the dog's location in real-time on their cell phones. Just like humans chatting with friends on their cell phones, if the cellular signal is weak, messages can't be sent or received in time.

So FitBark can't track the dog's location in real-time when it doesn't have a strong enough cellular signal. This makes it impossible to use it in places with weak cellular signals, such as rural or suburban areas.

On top of that, dog parents need to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cellular network operator. If the dog's parents don't pay the monthly subscription fee, they will be unable to use the GPS tracking feature.

FitBark's dog GPS collar has an electronic fence function. Dog parents can set up multiple safe zones within a radius of up to 3 miles. If the dog leaves the secure area, the dog's parent's cell phone will sound an alarm.

While the dog parent limits the dog's range of motion with this feature, it does have its drawbacks. False alarms can occur with this feature. While the dog is not moving in the safe area, the dog's parent's cell phone keeps ringing the alarm.

According to our professional analysis, it is believed that GPS drift causes this false alarm situation to occur.

When the GPS signal at the location of the tracker is unstable, it cannot be located accurately. This causes the dog's location information to keep changing.

I've screen-captured what Amazon users have to say about this feature.

False alarms

This dog GPS collar also has a health monitoring feature. It monitors your dog's health, sleep, and behavior 24/7. It also monitors the dog's activity, anxiety level, and skin condition.

Dog parents can determine if their dog is sick by watching their dog's activity data on a mobile app.

However, some dog parents on Reddit said that the features of its health monitoring don't work well. FitBark's data calculations are inaccurate and it shows that the dog traveled a distance while it was sleeping.

Reddit review

According to professional analysis, there are two reasons why this happens. The first is an overly sensitive sensor. Fitbark's Dog GPS Collar uses a sensor to monitor your pet's activity. When the sensor is overly sensitive, it will treat slight movements of the dog as if the dog is moving.

The second is that Fitbark's dog GPS collar relies on a software algorithm to interpret the sensor data. There may be times when a dog rolls over a bit and its data analysis thinks the dog is moving.

Dog health monitoring data, setting up an electronic fence, and viewing location information all require a mobile app. So, dog parents should download the FitBark app on their phones to activate the device after purchasing this dog GPS collar.

Fi's Dog GPS Collar

The Fi dog GPS collar uses GPS and a cellular network. It requires the use of a cellular network to transmit location data, just like the FitBark. In rural or suburban areas where cellular signals are weak, this GPS collar cannot track your dog in real-time.

It also requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee to a cellular carrier. However, dog parents should use Fi's dog GPS collar for a while before purchasing the subscription fee package.

If the GPS collar is not working well, the dog parent needs to contact customer service for a refund of the subscription fee. This process is very cumbersome and may not result in a refund of the subscription fee.

Some users on Reddit reported that refunding the subscription fee was difficult. They keep contacting Fi with no results.

refunding the subscription fee was difficult

In addition to this, there are users on Reddit who complained that he was not satisfied with the customer service after Fi's device failed to work. Fi told him to buy a new device or pay a year's subscription to get a new device for free. However, Fi did not want to refund the user's unused subscription fee for seven months.

refunding the subscription fee was difficult

So, to avoid this sort of thing, dog parents need to be careful about buying subscription packages.

Fi's product features an electronic fence and dog health monitoring. The mobile app will sound an alarm if the dog escapes the safe area set by the dog's parent. But it may also not alert the dog's parent after the dog leaves the safe area.

I intercepted user reviews on Amazon.

Fi's Amazon review

It is capable of monitoring your pet's sleep in addition to tracking their steps and activity level in terms of health monitoring. Dog parents can check these data on the mobile app to know the health condition of their dogs. This feature can bring the relationship between dog parents and their dogs closer.

This GPS collar also requires the download of a mobile app. Users have to activate the tracker before using it to ensure that the phone can view the dog's data information.

Aorkuler's Dog GPS Collar

The Aorkuler's Dog GPS Collar is made up of GPS and radio technology. It relies on radio technology to transmit data while it is working.

It does not require the use of a cellular network, so users do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee when using Aorkuler's Dog GPS Collar. And users don't need to think about what subscription package they should buy and worry about the hassle of refunding the subscription fee.

Besides, Aorkuler's dog GPS collar works well in rural or suburban areas. It can track your dog's location in real-time regardless of the strength of the cellular signal. Dog parents don't have to worry about their dog's safety when they use such a pet tracker.

This Aorkuler product doesn't have the function of electronic fence and dog health monitoring. But it has sound and night flash functions.

When the dog is near the owner, you can turn on the use of the sound function. For poor visibility, you can use the night flash function. These two features can help dog parents find their dogs quickly.

Aorkuler's pet tracker uses a tracker and a controller, and it doesn't need to download a mobile app. It uses an electronic compass method for the controller. The tracker connects via Bluetooth when the dog is nearby. When the dog runs away, the GPS updates the location to get the dog's position.

A user on Quora said that he was satisfied with the controller's features. The controller is very convenient for dog parents. It can work even if there is no cell phone signal.

Aorkuler's review i+on Quora

The team at Aorkuler has great service. They do their best to help dog parents with their problems. They have a welfare policy. If you are an existing user who bought Aorkuler products, you can receive a big coupon when you buy an upgraded product.

I will summarize the features of these three products:





Real-time tracking



Monthly subscription fee


Available in rural or suburban areas



Electronic fence feature


Health monitoring function


Sound and night flash



Premium Service



Mobile App







Dog parents choose a suitable dog GPS collar not only for their dog's safety but also for their dog's right to enjoy freedom.

The comprehensive choice of Aorkuler's dog GPS collar with no subscription fee, real-time tracking, and can work in places with no cellular signal is more suitable for dog parents to track their dogs.

For the happiness and safety of your dog, dog parents can buy an Aorkuler dog GPS collar as early as possible.







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