2024 Newest GPS Dog Collar No Monthly Fee


With the advancement of technology, the GPS dog collar has become an essential tool for dog parents. Among many brands, PitPat and Aorkuler GPS dog collars stand out due to no monthly subscription fee.

In this article, we will introduce the functions, features, and user experience aspects of these two GPS dog collars. And reveal the pros and cons of these two pet trackers. We hope to help dog parents choose the right GPS dog collar.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction of GPS dog collar

1.1 PitPat GPS Dog Collar

PitPat's company was founded in 2014 and is based in the UK. They are dedicated to dog health and activity data monitoring.PitPat hopes to enhance the quality of life of dogs through science and technology.

1.1.1 GPS Location

PitPat GPS dog collar can track the location of the dog. After GPS location, it transmits the dog's location data to its parents via the cellular network.

The dog's parents can check the exact location of the dog through PitPat's cell phone app. When the dog is lost, the dog's parents can quickly retrieve the dog through this function.

1.1.2 Activity Monitoring

PitPat GPS dog collar can monitor the dog's daily exercise. For example, the number of steps the dog walks, the distance, and the length of exercise. Dog parents can view the data of dog activity monitoring on the mobile app.

In addition, dog parents can learn about their dog's exercise habits by viewing the activity data for a long period. They can also use the dog's exercise quantity to decide whether they should feed the dog more.

For example, Jane McGuire uses this feature to analyze whether she needs to give her dog Toby more coarse ground food.

1.1.3 Sleep Monitoring

PitPat monitors the length and quality of a dog's sleep. With this data, dog parents can understand how rested their dog is. When the dog is sleep deprived, the dog parent can reduce the dog's exercise to maintain the dog's energy.

If the dog is sleep-deprived for a long time, it may get sick. Dog parents can find out in time and take the dog to the pet hospital.

1.2 Aorkuler GPS Dog Collar

Aorkuler is a tech company dedicated to keeping dogs safe. It focuses on providing accurate and reliable tracking features for dog parents.

Besides, the Aorkuler GPS dog collar has won the trust and love of many dog parents with its excellent product performance and user reputation.

1.2.1 GPS Location

Aorkuler GPS dog collar adopts GPS and radio technology, after GPS obtains the location of the dog, the tracker transmits the location data to the dog's parents through radio technology. The dog's parents can view the dog's location on the controller's screen.

1.2.2 Sound Function

Aorkuler GPS dog collar has the function of making a sound. If the controller's screen indicates that the dog is nearby the dog parent but it does not appear, it may be injured or hiding.

The dog parent can then rely on the sound feature to find the dog. When the dog parent turns on the sound feature on the controller, the tracker will beep. Then the dog parent can find the dog according to the location where the sound is emitted.

It can also serve to train the dog in addition to assisting the dog's parent to find the dog. For example, the dog parent turns on the sound function, then calls the dog to come to the side and feeds the food.

After several consecutive times, the dog will come back to the owner as soon as it hears the sound from the tracker.

1.2.3 Night Flash Function

Aorkuler GPS dog collar also has a night flash function. When the weather is bad or the night comes, the visibility is low. It is not easy for the dog parents to find the dog using the sound function.

At this point, the dog parent can switch to night flash mode on the controller screen. The tracker worn by the dog will emit three different colors of light. Then they can find the dog's location according to the bright spot.

2. PitPat GPS Dog Collar Features

2.1 Compact Shape

PitPat GPS dog collar has a compact shape. Its diameter is about 37 mm (1.46 inches) and its thickness is about 10 mm (0.39 inches).

2.2 Light Weight

The PitPat GPS dog collar weighs 16 grams (0.56 ounces). Small dogs will not feel burdened by the weight of this product when wearing it.

2.3 Waterproof

PitPat is waterproof. It has a waterproof rating of IP67, which means that the PitPat tracker can survive short periods of submersion in water without damage.

2.4 Community Interaction

The PitPat GPS dog collar's mobile app has a community interaction mode. Dog parents can share their dog's life with other users.

2.5 Wireless Charging Pad

PitPat GPS dog collar is different from other products. It uses a wireless charging pad to charge the tracker. After the power of the tracker runs out, the dog parents need to connect the USB to the wireless charging pad. Then put the tracker on it later.

2.6 No Subscription Fee

PitPat GPS dog collar has no subscription fee although it uses the cellular network to transmit location data. This is because it counts the cost of the subscription fee towards the cost of the hardware. It is several times more expensive compared to other trackers that use cellular networks.

3. Aorkuler GPS Dog Collar Features

3.1 Compact Shape

The Aorkuler pet tracker has a small form factor that makes it suitable for dogs of all sizes. It measures about 45 mm (1.77 inches) in length, 35 mm (1.38 inches) in width, and 15 mm (0.59 inches) in thickness.

3.2 Lightweight

The Aorkuler GPS dog collar weighs about 30 grams (1.06 ounces). Small dogs will not feel weighed down by wearing its tracker in their daily lives.

3.3 No Subscription Fee

Aorkuler GPS dog collar does not use a cellular network. So, the dog parents don't need to pay the cellular operator every month.

3.4 Available in Areas without Cellular Signal

Aorkuler products use radio technology to transmit data. Its data transfer speed is independent of cellular signals. So, it can track your dog's location in real-time in rural or suburban areas.

Users on Quora who enjoy hiking with their dogs recommend this product.

3.5 Controller

Unlike many tracker brands, Aorkuler doesn't have to download a mobile app. It uses a model where the tracker is connected to the controller. This frees up the cell phone memory of the dog's parents.

The controller uses an electronic compass method. When the dog is near the owner, the tracker is connected to the controller via Bluetooth, and the controller displays nearby on the screen.

When the dog is far away from the owner, the GPS location updates the dog's position and the controller screen shows the exact direction and distance of the dog.

Some users on Quora said this method can find the dog quickly.

3.6 Global Coverage

Aorkuler GPS dog collar supports global positioning service. Dog parents can also use this pet tracker when traveling abroad with their dogs.

3.7 IP67 Waterproof Rating

Aorkuler GPS dog collar also has a waterproof feature. It has the same waterproof rating as PitPat's product. Even if your dog falls into a puddle or mud puddle, Aorkuler's tracker can still track your dog's location in real-time.

4. User Experience

4.1 PitPat GPS Dog Collar Review

4.1.1 S. Kendal

We have been using this for about 1 week and tested it about 20 times and it seems to work whenever our phone has a signal. It takes about 3 minutes to switch on It takes about 3 minutes to switch on before you can track your dog so we switch it on as soon as we start a walk. Initial accuracy seems to be very good - within 20 meters - and then improves as its Initial accuracy seems to be very good - within 20 meters - and then improves as it pings the device a few times. Our dog is very small - about 3kg - cat-sized and this device is not too big or heavy. Battery life seems great - a bigger battery would require a heavier device which would not be ideal for us. Obviously, we can't comment on its longevity. Comment on its longevity.

--The PitPat GPS dog collar is lightweight and perfect for a small dog like a Schnauzer. Of course, due to the small size of the device, the battery storage space is limited. So, it needs to be charged frequently by the dog's parents.

4.1.2 John R

Great idea and the activity tracking seemed to work fine, but the GPS tracking almost never worked for us, regardless of whether we were in the city or the countryside. The unit never showed more than 2 out of 5 bars connection and even with 2 bars would almost never connect. I think we managed to get the tracker to work twice in two weeks of trying every day during walks. Tried both in central London and also in the Lake District but same result. We only bought this to find out puppy if he bolted on a walk so unfortunately complete unfit for purpose and had to return.

-- The PitPat GPS dog collar doesn't track well from user reviews. It needs a good cellular signal to work properly.

4.2 Aorkuler GPS Dog Collar Reviews

4.2.1 krys O

I received the product in August 2023. It works just as well as the instructions say it does, and it helps if my cat gets separated while I'm walking my dog. It always pointed me in the right direction and if he was in the bushes I was able to find him by sound and LED lights. However, about a month ago, December 2023, the tracker on the collar started malfunctioning and would not hold a charge for long and eventually stopped charging altogether and would never light up again. I contacted the company and informed them of the situation. After asking a few questions, they immediately asked me for a photo with the serial number so they could send a new tracker that corresponded to the handheld part, which was working fine. They also gave me a harness and sent the new tracker free of charge. This was all done quickly and efficiently. After getting the tracker, I tested it and it worked fine. So, I would say this is a great product to use and the company is very, very helpful. They even reached out to me to ask if the new tracker was working properly. Therefore, I am giving this product and this company 5 stars not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the excellent service they provided by making sure that the problem was corrected in a timely manner and contacting me to find out if the new tracker they sent was working properly. This shows that they truly care about their customers. I would definitely recommend anyone to purchase this product for their pets.

--The Aorkuler GPS dog collar is accurately located and pet owners can find their pets based on the directions shown on the controller. And pet owners can use the assistive features to find their pets.

In addition to this, the Aorkuler team is quick to respond and take action when users have problems with their devices. Their excellent product and customer service have won them favorable comments from users.

4.2.2 R. Chuyma

I really like this product. After practicing in the yard, it seemed to work. Then let the dog out with a fully charged battery and it would just say it was searching for GPS for hours on end. Finally, the battery died and no signal was found. Customer support was calling China via international call, so the next day I got an email saying your dogs are in a dense forest and will find a signal when they come outside. Hmmm. No, I'm surrounded by cornfields. About 18 hours later, the dogs came home on their own. I returned the item.

--The battery in the Aorkuler GPS dog collar works for 8 hours continuously. However, when the dog's parents are in thick forests or places with lots of shade, the GPS signal will be blocked.

The tracker uses more battery power to connect to the GPS. So, when the tracker is constantly updated with GPS, the battery life is depleted fast.

This happens to every pet tracker that uses GPS. And the ability to locate your pet decreases when the GPS signal is blocked.

5. PitPat GPS Dog Collar Pros and Cons

5.1 Pros

--No subscription fees

--Monitoring activity

--Sleep monitoring

--Compact shape


5.2 Cons

--Cannot be used in rural or suburban areas

--Batteries drain quickly

-- Poor positioning ability

6. Aorkuler GPS Dog Collar Pros and Cons

6.1 Pros

--No subscription fee.

--Real-time tracking

--Sound function

--Night flash function

--Compact shape

--Available for rural or suburban areas


--Timely customer service

6.2 Cons

--Batteries drain quickly

--No activity monitoring feature

--No sleep monitoring

7. Summary

PitPat and Aorkuler GPS dog collars have different functions and features. PitPat is more focused on dog health monitoring. While Aorkuler is more focused on tracking dogs' locations in real-time.

Dog parents can choose different GPS dog collars according to their needs and living area.

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