Why should pet owners get a GPS pet tracker?


A GPS pet tracker is a device that ensures the safety of your pet. Its functions include location and transmission of location information. The GPS pet tracker can pinpoint your pet's location and send the details straight to your device. It's a quick way to know where your furry friend is at all times.

A GPS pet tracker lets you keep an eye on your pet’s movements and quickly find them if they get lost. It’s a real lifesaver for pet owners.

Recently, I saw a heartbreaking story about a lost pet on Google News. Max, a service dog, was an adorable Chihuahua. He would alert his owner to heart problems. But on Wednesday, March 20, around 9:30 p.m., it went missing in Barton County.

It was not wearing a collar at the time it was lost. That means no GPS pet tracker was tracking it. The owner had to seek help from everyone by asking neighbors, sending out flyers, and running a news story.

Compared with the traditional way of finding pets, using a GPS pet tracker to locate a pet can be faster and more accurate. It can effectively reduce the level of danger of losing pets.

We hope Max's owner can find him soon with everyone's help. If you know where Max is, please contact the owner via email.

Max information

Losing a pet can be upsetting and anxiety-provoking for pet owners. Without a GPS pet tracker, you’re in the dark about where your pet was last seen if it ever gets lost. This will make it more difficult to find a pet.

Therefore, it becomes very important to buy a GPS pet tracker. It can provide security to the pet. A GPS pet tracker helps you stay updated on your pet’s location so you can keep them safe and sound. It’s a quick way to have peace of mind for pet owners.

There are various types of GPS pet trackers in the market. So how should you choose a GPS pet tracker according to your conditions?

City dwellers

If you live in the city, the location of cellular signal coverage is good. And you don't usually take your pet to the countryside to explore, then I recommend you buy a pet tracker that consists of GPS and 4G or cellular network.

This type of GPS pet tracker needs to utilize a cellular network to transmit positioning information, so it is good for cities with good cellular signals.

For this type of GPS pet tracker, the main ones are Tractive, Fi, Whistle, FitBark, and PitPat. Because they require the use of cellular networks to transmit information, they have a monthly subscription fee.

PitPat, on the other hand, is an exception. It doesn't have to pay a monthly subscription fee. But it is several times more expensive to buy compared to several other brands.

I will describe their main features.


GPS acquires information about your pet's location and then transmits the data through a nearby cellular base station. Pet owners need to download an app on their cell phones to use such GPS pet trackers.

The cellular base station will send the pet's location information to the App. The pet owner can view it by opening the app. This transmission process is cumbersome, so the real-time capability is a little less.

However, the pet owner can know the exact location of the pet. Even after the pet is lost, it can be searched through the last location sent by the cellular base station.

--Electronic fence

Most of these GPS pet trackers are equipped with the electronic fence function, which can limit the activity range of the pet. Owners can set a range boundary according to their needs. Once the pet leaves the range, the owner's cell phone will send out an alert to remind the pet that it has left the safe area in time.

This feature greatly enhances the owner's ability to manage their pets, effectively avoiding the occurrence of pet loss. In this way, the owner can be more assured to let the pet outdoors and no longer worry about the safety of the pet.

--Health Monitoring

Since pets are unable to express their feelings through words, it is difficult to know immediately when they are sick. Most trackers of this type have a health monitoring feature that allows owners to view their pet's health data through an app.

By keeping a close watch on your pet's health stats, you can stay up to date with their well-being and notice any health shifts. Thus, corresponding preventive and healthcare measures can be taken to improve the health level of pets. So that pets can get better care and protection.


GPS pet trackers are waterproof. Even if the pet is in a puddle or mud puddle, the tracker can still track and locate it.

As a city dweller, if you want to buy a GPS pet tracker, you can refer to the above. Then choose the right brand according to your preferences and needs.

While each brand has similar features, there are some differences. Before picking one, compare a few GPS pet trackers to see which one ticks all your boxes.


Suburban dwellers

If you live in the suburbs or usually like to go on outdoor adventures, then you can choose a pet tracker that consists of GPS and radio technology.

This GPS pet tracker transmits location data by radio. So, it can be used in rural or suburban areas. For this type of pet tracker, there are mainly Garmin and Aorkuler.

I will describe their functions.

--Location in real-time

Garmin and Aorkuler's pet trackers use radio to transmit positioning information directly without going through a cellular base station. This effectively avoids wasting time during transmission.

With this radio transmission method, the GPS pet tracker can locate the pet's position in real-time.

Compared to other GPS pet trackers that require cellular network participation, these products do not require additional subscription fees. They save users financial costs by eliminating the need to pay extra once purchased.

These types of GPS pet trackers do not require the download of a app. They use a controller to contact the pet's tracker. For users, it frees up cell phone memory.

--Sound and flash

Aorkuler pet trackers have sound and flash functions.

It’s effective when you need to find a lost pet. If it is daytime and the controller shows "nearby", you can turn on the sound function to find your pet.

If it is in the evening or when the line of sight is poor, the controller displays "nearby", you can turn on the flash function to find your pet.


This kind of GPS pet tracker is waterproof. Even if your pet is lost and falls into a puddle, it will still function normally.

Pet owners can have complete peace of mind when using this type of pet tracker. The presence of this feature provides greater convenience to pet owners.

Plus, this pet tracker uses radio waves to send data, which is pretty good for keeping your information safe. It’s a tech-savvy way to respect your privacy.

You don’t have to download an app or use cell service, which means hackers can’t get into your pet tracker. It’s a safer choice for you and your pet.

This safe and reliable feature provides users with a more assured and secure experience.

Garmin's pet tracker has a larger profile and is suitable for medium to large-sized hunting dogs. Aorkuler's pet tracker, on the other hand, has a small form factor and is ideal for small dogs.

The price of GPS pet trackers varies from brand to brand. You can pick the perfect GPS pet tracker that suits your pet’s size and your needs for spot-on tracking and taking care of your buddy.



As one of the indispensable members of people's family, pets have great significance and value for pet owners. But we can’t overlook the emotional pain and sense of helplessness that losing a pet cause for the owners. It’s a tough experience that hits home.

So, getting a GPS pet tracker is a smart move. It helps you quickly find your lost pet by giving you the exact spot where they are.

This improves the peace of mind of the pet owner. And it provides strong support for finding the pet after it is lost. This provides pet owners with a more efficient and convenient way to manage their pets.

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