Debunking PitPat dog GPS tracker No Subscription Misconception

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PitPat is a well-known puppy tracker collar, available on its official website and Amazon. It boasts features like GPS location and dog activity monitoring, much like other dog GPS such as Tractive and Whistle.

One of PitPat's key selling points is no subscription. However, it's crucial to understand that while PitPat indeed doesn't require a subscription, it does rely on cellular networks or cell phone signals to work. This aspect often leads to confusion among users who interpret no subscription as meaning no need for cell phone signal.


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1. Why does PitPat puppy tracker collar rely on cellular signals?

PitPat utilizes LTE-M (M for machine) and NB-IoT technologies to transmit GPS information, both of which are based on cellular networks. Hence, for PitPat puppy tracker collar to function, it necessitates cellular signals. This is essential, as some users have expressed dissatisfaction in areas with poor cell phone service.

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Such as the following review from Amazon:

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2. Why can PitPat puppy tracker collar be subscription free?

Good question. We know that puppy tracker collars that rely on cellular networks need to transmit GPS information via cellular signals, and the telecommunication operators require you to use a SIM card (either inserted into a new SIM or an eSIM built into the tracker) and pay a subscription fee in order to use the mobile network and communicate with each other.

So why does the PitPat rely on cellular signal but not pay a subscription fee?
The PitPat puppy tracker collar has a subscription fee for a certain amount/a certain period included in the price of the product hardware. But exactly how long? PitPat's official website doesn't give an answer to the question.

It tells that they will not charge you for that service for as long as you're using it. It means that customers don't have to pay the subscription fee for the lifetime of the tracker. Therefore, we suggest that users of PitPat puppy tracker collar should tell their dog that care about using the GPS tracker in order to get a longer usage time.

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a product that not only does not require a subscription, but more importantly does not require an cell service, then you can save time by not having to choose PitPat. You can make informed decisions regarding their choice of GPS tracker for their furry companions.

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  • Posted on by woflcd

    Pitpat is a UK company, so I reckon the mobile signal there’s gotta be way stronger than in the States.

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