Which pet tracker will help pet owners find lost pets in 2024?


Aorkuler pet tracker can help pet owners to find lost pets. And not only does it help you find your lost pet, but it also keeps your beloved pet safe.

Many pets grow up at home. In the eyes of their owners, they are not only pets but more like family members. But, after all, they are not human beings.

They can only think at the animal level. As a result, they may get lost and be unable to find their home.

When this happens, many pet owners have no choice but to ask for help in getting a trace of their pet. You can avoid this situation by purchasing an Aorkuler pet tracker in advance. And it doesn't cost much to buy this pet tracker. Also able to pinpoint the location, waterproof, and reliable.

Unlike traditional pet trackers, the Aorkuler pet tracker is a combination of GPS and radio technology.

The device uses GPS technology to locate your pet in three dimensions around the world. The results are then transmitted back to the controller via radio technology. This realizes real-time monitoring and tracking of the pet's location.


1.Principle of GPS positioning

GPS satellites form the GPS satellite constellation. Among them, the number of satellites that can be used for navigation is 21. And there are 3 active-standby satellites.

Each operating satellite transmits signals for navigation and positioning, and GPS users can receive these signals for positioning.

If the pet tracker is composed of GPS and cellular network, the GPS locator is able to utilize the GPS module to obtain the positioning information. Then it uploads the data to the positioning platform server developed by the company through 4G or cellular network. After that we can view the uploaded data through the cellular APP.

However, if the pet tracker uses GPS and radio technology, there is no need to upload data to the service provider. The data will be transmitted directly to the controller via radio.


2.Functions of Aorkuler Pet Tracker

2.1 Real-time positioning

Aorkuler's pet tracker directly connects to the satellite through the built-in GPS chip. It does not need to go through a cellular base station but uses radio waves to transmit information. This enables real-time positioning.

Aorkuler's pet tracker is flexible and real-time compared to traditional positioning. It is more suitable for use in areas such as pet tracking. And it does not depend on cellular networks. People can still use it in rural or suburban areas.

2.2 Waterproof

For pets that are prone to accidents during outdoor adventures, such as falling into puddles, the Aorkuler Pet Tracker adds waterproofing. Even if the pet accidentally falls into the water, the device can still function normally. This ensures that the owner can track the pet's movement and location at all times.

This design makes the device more useful and stable, giving pet owners peace of mind when using the tracker. At the same time, the pet can be better protected when exploring freely.

2.3 Sound

If the controller shows that the pet is nearby, but the owner can't find the pet. Then you can consider the following two scenarios: one is that the pet may be sleeping in a hidden place. At this time, you can look for a hidden spot next to it or turn on the sound function to find it.

The pet may have injured itself and is hiding in the bushes in another scenario. In this case, you can also try to turn on the sound function to search for it.

When you turn on the sound function in the controller, the pet's tracker will make a beeping sound. The sound will guide the owner to the location of the pet.

This method can provide convenience for owners to find their pets faster. It also ensures the safety of the pet.

2.4 Flash

For pet owners, it is a challenging task to control their pet's movement orientation at night when the vision is not good. But Aorkuler pet tracker can solve this problem well.

When the controller shows that the pet is nearby, the flash function can be turned on. The tracker worn by the pet will alternately emit three different colors of light. The owner can find the pet by the light.

Aorkuler dog tracker

3.Advantages of Aorkuler Pet Tracker

3.1 Real-time localization

3.2 Waterproof

3.3 No monthly subscription fees

Most companies sell pet trackers in the current market at relatively cheap prices. However, there is an additional monthly subscription fee to be paid. This increases the cost of use for the user. You may also have trouble with subscription issues during use.

The Aorkuler pet tracker does not rely on the cellular network, so it can avoid subscription issues. There are no other additional costs after purchasing the Aorkuler pet tracker. It reduces the financial burden on the consumer.

Compared to other pet tracker brands, Aorkuler's no subscription fee is more prominent.

3.4 Compact and convenient

Aorkuler pet tracker is small and lightweight, suitable for small dogs to wear. It is easy to use, has no burden, and does not affect your pet's traveling. Pets can move freely and fully enjoy the sunshine and freedom outdoors without constraints bothering them.

Its controller is equally compact and easy to carry. The owner can hold it easily without worrying about adding extra burden.

3.5 Privacy Protection

Privacy is very important as an individual's independent property. Because of the development of technology, more and more unscrupulous people make money by selling personal information.

The Aorkuler pet tracker stands out because it doesn't need a mobile app or cell signal to track your pet. This means that the product will not steal users' private information. In particular, it will not upload the user's information to illegal channels.

Therefore, lawbreakers can't view users' information through cellular networks either. Aorkuler provides strong privacy and security protection, so users can confidently use it without safety concerns.

3.6 Upgrade with a Special Offer

For users who already have an Aorkuler pet tracker. The company has launched a policy of purchasing upgraded products with big discounts. Give them more benefits.

By purchasing a new product, users can enjoy even better tracker performance and more convenient use experience. This policy does not require the user to return the old product, fully respecting and facilitating the user's needs.

3.7 Electronic Compass Map

The controller of the Aorkuler pet tracker adopts advanced electronic compass map technology. It monitors the pet's location and localizes it in real-time.

When the pet is close, the controller shows "nearby"; when the pet is far, the controller shows the pet's direction. It helps owners find their pets faster.

This innovative design improves the owner's efficiency in using the tracker. And it better protects the safety of pets. It prevents pets from getting lost and serves as a very practical pet tracker.



In our daily life, pets have become an inseparable part. To maximize the safety of pets, the use of a pet tracker has become an essential means.

And Aorkuler pet tracker is a practical and easy-to-use pet-locating device. It can provide a strong guarantee for you to find your pet. It is a must-have for pet traveling.


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