Basic information on GPS pet trackers: current situation and future developments

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With the increase in the number of pet-owning families, the problem of lost pets is becoming more and more frequent. For this reason, GPS pet trackers have been invented. A pet tracker is a device that can locate the position of your pet in real-time through GPS or other technological means. Most GPS pet trackers on the market require cellular networks.

Pet owners can check the location of their pets on their cell phones or controllers at any time. When the pet is lost, the owner can use the GPS pet trackers to find it.

In this post, we will discuss the development of GPS pet trackers nowadays, types, problems faced, privacy protection, future development, and so on.


  1. The development of the GPS pet trackers

In recent years, people have been paying more and more attention to their pets. People consider pets to be like family members. The GPS pet tracker market gradually showing a rapid growth trend.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people began to feed their pets. This further boosts the growth of the GPS pet trackers market.

The U.S., being the leader in the global pet tracker market, is no exception. This trend is equally evident across the globe.

More than 10 million pets are lost every year. Wearing a pet tracker is one of the major solutions to this problem.

Mordor Intelligence says "The article published by Stray Animal Statistics in January 2022 reported that 5500 stray dogs are put to rest each day, and of these stray dogs, only 17% of dogs in shelters return to their pet parents. Thus, to increase the percentage of pets found, demand for pet wearables is expected to increase to address the rising demand for identification and tracking. "

Currently, the features of GPS pet trackers are getting more and more attention and favor from pet owners. Consumers have also increased their demand for the quality, price, and utility of GPS pet trackers.

Therefore, the market prospect of GPS pet trackers is broad. It has high development potential. At the same time, it puts forward new challenges to the high-quality development of the GPS pet trackers industry. 

 dog with GPS pet tracker

  1. Types of GPS pet trackers

In today’s market, you’ll find several GPS pet tracker brands. Some of the most popular ones include Tractive, Whistle, Pitpat, Fitbark, Aorkuler, and Garmin.

We can group these GPS pet trackers based on whether they need a monthly fee and use 4G or cellular networks. By using these GPS pet trackers, pet owners can keep track of their pet's location. And helping pets avoid getting lost.

At the same time, some trackers can also monitor the pet's movement. It can help pet owners understand the health of their pets. And adjust the diet and exercise program in time.

Among the above products, Tractive, Whistle, and Fitbark require a monthly subscription fee after purchase. While Pitpat, Aorkuler, and Garmin do not have to pay extra.

GPS pet trackers like Tractive, Whistle, Pitpat, and Fitbark are powered by GPS and 4G or cellular networks. Therefore, use in areas with weak cellular signals, such as suburban and rural areas, will suffer.

GPS pet trackers like Aorkuler and Garmin incorporate a combination of GPS and radio signals. These technologies work together to help pet owners keep track of their pets. They are not affected by the strength of cellular signals. They are more suitable for environments with weak signals such as rural or suburban areas.

This information is crucial for consumers. Because they can choose the most suitable product according to their needs and budget. Then avoid unnecessary expenses.



  1. Problems met by GPS pet trackers

Although the pet tracker is currently developing rapidly. But there are still some problems when users use it. 

For example, some people say that the battery consumption is too fast. GPS positioning may not be feasible. There is no cellular signal in rural and suburban areas to receive location information.

--Battery consumption is too fast

To address the problem of rapid battery consumption of GPS pet trackers. It is necessary to analyze and study various factors such as GPS positioning and device signal.

I intercepted some battery reviews from Tractive and Whistle at Amazon. Some users reported that the products they use have excessive battery consumption.

Whistle GPS pet trackers:



Tractive GPS pet trackers:


When you are in a place with a poor 4G or cellular networks, the positioning will be inaccurate. At this time, GPS pet trackers are constantly trying to connect to the network to get accurate location information. However, this connection process is very power-consuming. This is one of the reasons why the battery drains quickly.

Therefore, pet trackers can be technologically innovative and optimized for the situation. To extend the battery life and improve the performance of the tracker. 

At the same time, in marketing, they need to strengthen the description of product use precautions. Help users use the device correctly to extend its service life and improve their satisfaction.

--Inaccurate GPS positioning

On the Amazon shopping platform, some brand users said that GPS positioning is sometimes inaccurate. And when GPS can't locate accurately, it may cause multiple problems. And, as mentioned above, fast battery consumption has something to do with GPS.

Then why sometimes GPS cannot locate accurately? Because dense forests, bushes, and tall buildings can sometimes obstruct the GPS signal.

This leads to not being able to know the exact location of your pet in time or the connection time is too long. Need to wait for several minutes to receive the GPS signal.

--Unavailable in suburban or rural areas

Cellular networks are weak in suburban and rural areas. And most pet trackers rely on cellular networks. This also results in the pet tracker being useless when the user buys it back. Therefore, you need to consider carefully when picking a pet tracker.

There are two main types of pet trackers on the market today. One type relies on cellular signals. The other utilizes radio to transmit the pet's location.

Consider recommending different types of pet trackers based on your pet’s location and environment.

For people who have pets in suburban or rural areas. It is recommended to purchase a pet tracker with GPS and radio. Because there is no need for cellular signals and strong anti-interference, it can effectively assist in finding pets.

Whereas, for those who have pets within the city, a pet tracker with GPS and 4G or cellular networks is more suitable. However, since the latter is dependent on cellular networks. So, a monthly subscription fee is required. This is a factor that consumers need to consider.


  1. Privacy protection of GPS pet trackers

GPS pet trackers have become increasingly popular among pet owners. However, the privacy protection required for such devices is also becoming increasingly important.

In the age of big data, privacy breaches have become a very serious problem. Some capitalists are using our personal property as a means to pursue profits.

It is important to note that most pet trackers require tools such as cellular networks and cell phones to work properly. Therefore, the related security and privacy issues should also be widely emphasized and considered.

Two brands of pet trackers can effectively avoid the problem of privacy leakage.

Garmin and Aorkuler pet trackers use radio technology to transmit the pet's location. There is no need to use cell phones and cellular networks during the whole process. This makes it impossible for unscrupulous people to intrude. It can protect the user's privacy very well.

For some users who are concerned about privacy protection, this type of pet tracker may be more suitable for use. Detailed introduction about privacy protection can be clicked to view.


  1. GPS pet trackers' future development

As people pay more and more attention to their pets. GPS pet trackers are becoming one of the essential devices for pet families.

Although there are some problems with GPS pet trackers at present. Continuous innovation and technological progress will address these challenges.

Therefore, the future pet tracker will be more intelligent, efficient, and humanized. And it can provide a more accurate and reliable tracking function. It can better meet people's needs and the safety and security of pets.

It can be predicted that GPS pet trackers will continue to see widespread use in future development. And provide better services for pets and pet owners.

Pet owners can look forward to the future. Their pets will be safer and healthier than ever.


  1. Summary

The application of a pet tracker provides an effective enhancement and promotion of the relationship between pet owners and their pets.

It not only helps owners keep their pets safe. Avoid the occurrence of lost pets and accidents. Some GPS pet trackers can also keep track of the pet's whereabouts and health status. Pet tracker allows pet owners to increase the level of attention and love for their pets.

Pet owners through the use of GPS pet trackers can understand the pet's dynamics anytime and anywhere. Respond to pet needs and emotional performance. Thus, enhancing the emotional communication and connection between pets.

Therefore, a pet tracker is a tool to build a bridge between owners and pets. It can effectively promote the development of the relationship between the owner and the pet.

For the safety and health of pets. Pet owners can buy different types of GPS pet trackers according to their needs.


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