What is the difference between Fi, Tractive and Aorkuler?


A number of customers have contacted us via email asking about Aorkuler,

Tractive and the difference between Fi. Today we're going to provide a clear and concise introduction and comparison.

I. Basic Information:

Tractive needs no introduction, I'm sure if you are looking for pet related content it will always jump out at you, whether it's Google, bing, Amazon, etc., Tractive is rich and it's (ads) everywhere.
Fi is an innovative tracker brand that launched their Fi3 in October '22, which could be a strategic product for Fi, which has invested a lot of resources around the new product launch and release. The major mainstream and authoritative media outlets also gave it extremely high marks.

In our opinion.
First of all, Fi3 is an innovative tracker product in terms of both product and business model. The communication part of the product uses LTE-M, a technology that still relies on cellular networks but has lower power consumption compared to 4G or LTE, which can effectively improve battery life. This is the underlying reason why Fi3 has the courage to claim that its standby time can reach 3 months.

In addition, at the product level, the use of alloy materials, thinner and stronger, better water resistance, etc. are all laudable innovations. In any case, Fi3's product definition is far better than brands that lie on their market share and gluttonize commissions from users' subscription fees.

Fi3 is also innovative in its business model, after all, selling hardware and paying a monthly subscription fee, although used by big brands, still makes some users feel dissatisfied, Fi cleverly converts subscription fees into membership fees, which not only lowers the threshold for new users to use for the first time, but also binds the old users more tightly through upgrades, etc. We appreciate Fi's product and business model.

We appreciate Fi3's innovation in product and business model, of course, no matter what, solving the customer's problem and getting the user's approval and favorite is everything.

II. What are the differences between Fi3 and Tractive, and Fi3 and Aorkuler?

Difference 1:
Fi is cellular based, so it still requires cellular network to work.Aorkuler is not, so it doesn't rely on any cellular signal;
Fi3 is based on LTE-M, under the same environment, it theoretically has a longer cellular coverage distance and lower power consumption than Tractive using LTE; it is indeed theoretically more suitable for pet tracking scenarios than Tractive.

Difference 2:
Fi also charges a time-based fee, called membership fee, which covers all the comprehensive costs including hardware, software, data traffic, services, etc., while Tractive is the common form of purchasing the hardware separately + paying the subscription fee separately. In addition, Fi's membership fee cycle is slightly more flexible than Tractive.
Aorkuler does not require a subscription fee, nor does it require a membership fee. Purchasing the product is the full cost, not hardware rental.

Difference 3:
In terms of product hardware design, Fi has certain advantages over Aorkuler and Tractive, such as architecture, better sealing, more compact and integrated design. The Tractive is more ordinary;
The Aorkuler is relatively a bit more unique, with a separate controller/Remoter that displays by distance and direction.

Difference 4:
Fi and Tractive both have APP, you can set up some extra functions, such as virtual fence, etc.; however, Fi and Tractive both need to use the cell phone as the input and output interface to work, no cell phone / cell phone without power / Bluetooth off / no signal from cell phone, etc., Fi and Tractive can't be used, while Aorkuler doesn't care about these.

Aorkuler doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if there is a signal or not, if there is a cell phone or not, or if the cell phone has no battery, it doesn't matter if the cell phone has no signal or no battery. However, Aorkuler does not have an APP, so it cannot provide some auxiliary functions.

Other Info

It's important to note that the Fi3 has since been canceled on Amazon; it's not possible to pinpoint the exact reason, but as you can see from the linked history of reviews, user feedback hasn't been too favorable, with an overall rating of 2.7 out of 5.
fi rating

The main feedback from customers centers on the comments:

  • Inaccurate GPS positioning with large delays and errors
  • The collar is not the right size;
  • Customer service is not good enough;
  • Unavailability in rural areas;

It's worth noting that the familiar high-authority blog ( Technobark ) still gives high scores. The internet says that Amazon reviews are fake, but I have a feeling that the reviews on Technobark aren't more dubious?



  • Posted on by Mark Shipkey

    Hi Benjamin I’m interested in the Aorkulee setup as I like to walk some places where there is no cellular. What I’m worrying about is if it will work within the trees. They’re oaks not real tall but dense enough. What are your thoughts? Thanks and regards, Mark

  • Posted on by Benjamin Griffiths

    You still need to choose a dog tracker according to your usage scenario. If you don’t use it too frequently and there is no stable cellular signal in the area where you’ll be using it, Aorkuler is indeed a good choice. As a user who is currently using Aorkuler, I am very satisfied with my purchase. The tracker’s ability to work without relying on cellular service has proven to be reliable, especially in remote areas or places with poor network coverage. The GPS tracking functionality and direct connection to satellites ensure that I can track my dog’s location accurately, providing peace of mind and ensuring my pet’s safety during our outdoor adventures. If you have any questions or need further information about Aorkuler, feel free to ask, and I’ll be happy to share my experience with you.

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