Real User Reviews with the Aorkuler Pet Tracker on Amazon


Have you ever tried using a pet tracker to protect and manage your pet? Do you know Aorkuler Pet Tracker? Would you like to know what pet owners are saying about Aorkuler Pet Tracker?

Aorkuler pet tracker utilizes advanced technology to realize real-time tracking and positioning of pets, which is gradually getting more and more pet owners' attention and choice. Its accurate localization function and reliable tracking system provide more safety and convenience for pet.

I have intercepted some reviews on the Amazon platform. I will analyze the features and benefits of the Aorkuler tracker from these reviews step by step and summarize them at the end of the article.

1.Amazon Reviews

Amazon review

Alan's puppy had been lost in the park. They found the puppy after four hours because they did not use a pet tracker. During this time both the pet owner and the pet were feeling very tired.

He immediately started picking out a pet tracker when he got home. He needed a device that didn't use WiFi or cellular. He finally chose the Aorkuler Pet Tracker.

He was happy after receiving the pet tracker because it was small and would not burden his dog. As he was not aware of the features of the Aorkuler pet tracker. He and his wife decided to test this pet tracker.

When his wife took their dogs out for a walk, Alan was always able to find them no matter where they were. This result demonstrates that the Aorkuler pet tracker is capable of accurate location and real-time tracking.

Regarding the issue of the strap, the Aorkuler team has now solved it. The strap that users receive after purchase is an upgraded version. Finally, Alan also expressed his appreciation for the excellent after-sales service of the Aorkuler team. Purchasers can ask for advice via email in case of any problems.


The cellular signal is weak in the place where the user lives. In this case, Aorkuler pet tracker is a reliable option for him.

Aorkuler pet tracker is made up of GPS and radio technology. After GPS locates the pet, it transmits the location data directly to the controller via radio. The pet owner can then view it through the controller.

The pet tracker doesn't rely on cellular networks, so it works just fine for adventures in the countryside.

The Aorkuler pet tracker has accurate location capabilities, complete with sound and flash features. In reviews, users say that he was able to locate his pet quickly, whether it was hanging from a branch or injured. This pet tracker gives users more peace of mind when traveling with their pets.

In addition, the user found the Aorkuler team to be very helpful. His pet tracker was accidentally damaged, the brand provided him with a new pet tracker. This initiative further highlights its excellent customer service quality.


Users find the Aorkuler pet tracker ideal for outdoor activities. Cellular signals are weak when exploring the countryside. Most pet trackers require a cellular network. This causes the pet tracker to not work properly.

It does not keep the animal safe in real-time. And these types of pet trackers have monthly subscription fees.

But the Aorkuler pet tracker uses radio technology. It can be used in rural or suburban areas. And the GPS location information is transmitted directly to the controller in real time and there is no monthly subscription fee. This reduces the financial burden on the user.

And the Aorkuler pet tracker has a useful sound feature. The sound is much louder than other brands of trackers. This facilitates the user to find the pet.

This user has also expressed the good service attitude of the Aorkuler team. This advantage is more prominent among the many pet tracker brands.


The Aorkuler pet tracker has a tracking range of up to 3.5 miles. Its controller uses electronic compass technology to visualize the tracking direction and distance on the screen.

When the pet is close to the owner, the controller displays "nearby". When the pet is far away from the owner, the controller displays a specific direction.

User reviews indicate that the tracker not only provides accurate location information in unfamiliar places but is also simple to operate.


From the reviews, it is clear that users like camping, but cellular networks are usually not available in the suburbs. And Aorkuler pet tracker does not need to use the cellular network to transmit location data. It solves the problem that users can't use the pet tracker when they are camping.

There is no subscription fee and no need to download a cell phone app. Users are very satisfied with the Aorkuler pet tracker.

There are still some features and benefits of Aorkuler Pet Tracker that are not reflected in the review.

Some pets like to go to the water. To ensure the safety of pets and give pet owners peace of mind when using the pet tracker, Aorkuler pet tracker adds a waterproof function. When the pet accidentally falls into the puddle, the tracker still works properly.

This tracker uses radio technology to transmit location data. It can protect user's privacy well.

Aorkuler pet tracker offers 30 days return window. If users are not satisfied with the product during this period, they can return it for a refund at any time. Aorkuler pet tracker is committed to protecting the rights and interests of consumers.

With the above content, I will summarize the features and benefits of the Aorkuler pet tracker for you.

1.1 Pros:

--real-time localization


--sound and flash

--no cellular network is required

--No monthly subscription fee

--Protects privacy

--Compact size

--3.5-mile tracking range

--30 days return window

--Electronic compass for directions

--No need to download the mobile app

--Good service from the Aorkuler team


However, there are some disadvantages to the Aorkuler pet tracker. For example, it can't monitor your pet's health and activity. And it can't be used in places with dense buildings.


After you buy the Aorkuler pet tracker, if you are satisfied with its use, we hope you can help us publicize it. This way Aorkuler pet tracker can help more people.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Aorkuler during your use, we encourage you to offer them at any time. The Aorkuler team is committed to listening to user feedback and questions and will actively improve to the extent feasible to meet user needs.

The Aorkuler team will be upgrading the product soon. If the new product solves the problem raised by the user, we will proactively send an email to contact the customer and offer them a coupon to upgrade their product.

In the future, Aorkuler pet tracker will continue to improve, aiming to provide better service for pet lovers.

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