The intriguing question about the value and price of dog GPS tracker


The Value of a dog GPS tracker:

Before purchasing a dog GPS tracker, many dog parents consider whether it's worth investing in one. What practical value can it provide? Does it serve a real purpose? And if one regrets the decision, is it easy to return?

1. Is it worth investing in a dog GPS tracker?

Generally speaking, this varies from person to person (or dog to dog). Some dog parents invest in GPS trackers because their young and energetic dogs possess the agility of characters from Chinese martial arts novels, capable of leaping and bounding unexpectedly. Although most dogs tend to return home after playtime, owners are often curious about their whereabouts during their escapades. Purchasing a pet tracker serves this purpose.

escape master


For some, their dogs have become cherished family members over the years, evidenced by the traces of time etched into their fur and eyes. However, with age comes a decline in memory and senses. Many users opt for GPS trackers to prevent the extreme case of losing a beloved companion, which would be unbearable.

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Of course, some dog parents maintain strict control over their dogs. Their furry friends are impeccably trained, and they never stray far, always kept on a leash or within the confines of a secure yard. For this kind of user, a dog GPS tracker may seem unnecessary as it effectively eliminates the risk of their dog engaging in hazardous behavior.

Therefore, the answer to this question depends on different family circumstances and the behavioral characteristics of the dog, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach driven solely by commerce, potentially exaggerating certain functions or even actively peddling anxiety.


2. Can one easily return the dog GPS tracker if regret sets in?

Protected by consumer-related laws, dissatisfied customers can easily return or exchange products. However, for some dog GPS trackers with subscription, it's advisable to offer a sufficiently long free trial period. This can prevent situations where customers return trackers in droves due to difficulties in canceling or timely unsubscribing from subscriptions, potentially resulting in financial loss.


The Cost of a dog GPS Tracker:

Dog parents are always on the lookout for an economical solution to track their pets. Whether it's a dog GPS tracker or another method, they hope to solve the problem without spending a fortune. So,

1. How can I track my dog by a GPS dog tracker without paying a fortune?

It seems that currently, this may not be possible. Of course, if you possess strong DIY skills and have the necessary materials, you can try making your own pet GPS tracker. However, some subscription fees may be unavoidable. Here's an open-source method for creating a subscription-based tracker. It requires a certain level of hardware and programming knowledge, making it suitable for a minority. Additionally, as you're not purchasing in bulk from a factory, obtaining a cheap yet high-quality GPS tracker with subscription may be challenging. Moreover, if you're an influencer on platforms like Amazon or social media, you can receive free samples from merchants by reviewing their products. For ordinary consumers, keeping an eye on giveaways and promotions from manufacturers, like those occasionally held by Aorkuler, is another option.

Has anyone invented a cheap dog GPS tracker?

The cheapest products with tracking or locating functions are those based on Bluetooth technology, similar to Airtags.

However, strictly speaking, these are not suitable for pet tracking because:

1) as Apple officially stated, Airtags pose a choking hazard and are not suitable for pet use;

2) Bluetooth technology is primarily intended for short-range communication, making these trackers more suitable for small items within a small and fixed range;

3) they lack GPS chips and cannot provide precise positioning over long distances. However, they do have unique advantages, such as being cheap and having durable batteries.

But if Bluetooth products don't meet your needs, then,

On the basis of hardware costs alone, the cheapest option may be the trackers with subscription. However, it's worth noting that the subscription fees for such trackers may not be cheap. If you don't pay the subscription fee, your tracking device becomes a piece of scrap metal. 

What? You find the subscription fee unreasonable, or the mobile signal in your area is unreliable?

Then perhaps you'd like to find a solution that doesn't require a subscription or rely on cellular networks.

Without Subscription:

1. Can I use a dog GPS tracker without subscription?

Yes, you can opt for a genuinely subscription-free GPS tracker, such as Garmin or Aorkuler.  More info.

2. You may wonder why dog GPS tracker without subscription are sold at a higher price?

When comparing the prices of subscription-based and non-subscription trackers, it's necessary to consider not only their hardware costs but also the subscription fees.

In addition, in some countries, the everyday tracking of seniors and children often relies on devices like watches or wristbands, which share similar internal functions and hardware modules with subscription-based pet trackers, albeit with different appearances.

The prices of these products are relatively low because they are mainly used for children's GPS watches, elderly health bracelets, and other applications, with vehicle GPS trackers being the most common. Therefore, the hardware modules needed for these products are inexpensive, and the technology is too mature.

True dog tracker without subscription need to be redeveloped technologically to create tracking devices that do not rely on cellular networks, requiring more innovation in technology and tech development.

    It's worth noting:

    A few pet GPS trackers marketed as "subscription-free" still rely on cellular networks, and the subscription fee is included in the hardware purchase price. These "no subscription" dog GPS tracker relies on cellular networks and cannot meet the needs of users in areas with poor mobile signal.

    However, if after evaluation(How long of a subscription is included? Or is it expected shortly after the end of the return cycle? Or is it just included by default for one year, after which maybe you can no longer find the seller?)you find that the mobile signal in your area is good and you just don't like the subscription model, you can still purchase such dog GPS trackers. 

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