Do all GPS trackers for pets require a subscription?


When it comes to GPS trackers for pets, many people think of devices that require a subscription fee. However, you may be surprised to learn that not all pet trackers require a subscription fee. While it is more common to find GPS trackers for pets on the market that primarily use cellular networks. However, there also exists a portion of trackers that use radio technology to transmit data.

--Require a subscription fee

Why is there a subscription fee for GPS trackers for pets that use cellular networks? This type of pet tracker operates on a similar principle to the cellular communication system that we rely on for our daily communication.

When a friend calls us, the communication signal needs to be transmitted through the cellular base station connected in the middle. As a result, we need to pay a monthly fee to the network operator for the communication service.

This GPS tracker for pets will transmit the positioning data to the mobile app via cellular signal after the GPS positioning is completed. This process also needs to be realized via a cellular base station, so carriers charge a monthly subscription fee.

As mentioned above, these types of GPS trackers for pets require cellular base stations to transmit data while working. So, it needs your pet and pet owner to be in a place with good cellular signal coverage when using it.

If your place of residence is located in a rural or suburban area or if you are keen on outdoor adventure activities, then this pet tracker may not be suitable for your needs. So, when choosing a GPS tracker for pets, make sure you consider your environment. Choose the right device to ensure effective use of the tracking feature.


--No Subscription Fee

So, what are the pet trackers that don't require a monthly subscription fee? The most common GPS tracker for pets on the market is the Aorkuler pet tracker, which consists of a GPS and a radio.

After locating the pet's position, GPS transmits the location data directly to the controller via radio technology. The entire cellular network is not involved and there is no service provider. So, users don't need to pay a monthly subscription fee when using the Aorkuler pet tracker.

The Aorkuler tracker doesn’t rely on cell phone networks to share its location. So, even if your phone has a weak signal, the tracker will still work fine. 

It's great to use for people who live in rural or suburban areas or who enjoy outdoor adventures. The device works globally, so you can use Aorkuler's pet tracker when you're traveling around the world with your pet.


--Aorkuler GPS tracker for pets

So, what are the advantages of this GPS tracker for pets? Are there any other benefits that make it worth buying other than the no subscription fee? My answer is of course there are.

Real-time tracking

The speed of location data transmission for pet trackers using cellular networks is related to the strength of the cellular signal. If the cellular signal is weak, the tracker will not be able to track in real-time.

However, Aorkuler's pet tracker uses radio to transmit location information directly. It takes less time in the transmission process. So, the pet owner can check the pet's location in real time. 


In the daily life of pets, water is an unavoidable contact factor. For example, rain, and playing in a wet environment. Therefore, the GPS tracker for pets must be waterproof.

By utilizing a waterproof design, pet owners can more easily use their Aorkuler tracker without worrying about the device breaking down in wet environments. 

This waterproof design ensures that the Aorkuler GPS tracker for pets works properly in puddles, providing consistently accurate location information. 

It allows owners to keep track of their pet's whereabouts at all times and improves the safety of their pets.

This waterproof design not only provides pet owners with a more convenient use experience. It also satisfies the pet owner's need for reliability and waterproof performance of the device.

Sound and Flash

Aorkuler's pet tracker has sound and flash functions. Its sound is louder than a general GPS tracker for pets.

When the controller indicates that the pet is near the owner, but the pet does not appear, the pet may have gotten hurt or fallen into a trap. At this time the pet owner can use the sound function to search. 

If you're on a poor sightline, you can use the flash function. Three different colors of light for alternating flashing. This makes it easier to attract the pet owner's attention and increase the efficiency of finding the pet.

Electronic compass map

Aorkuler's tracker is connected to the controller. It doesn't need to download a cell phone app to get positioning information.

The controller adopts the electronic compass method. It shows "nearby" when the pet is close to the owner. It shows the direction of the pet when the pet is far away from the owner.

If the pet owner is in an unfamiliar environment, he or she can use the controller to find the pet easily. The use of an electronic compass makes it easier for pet owners to use the tracker.

Protecting Privacy

Despite privacy laws, there’s still a significant risk of our personal data leaking when we use electronic gadgets in this age of big data.

GPS trackers for pets with subscription fees require a cellular network and the download of a mobile app. Crooks may steal users' private data from these two channels.

And some GPS trackers for pet vendors will share users' private data with third parties for profit. Users need to read the privacy policy carefully before purchasing a GPS pet tracker.

Aorkuler pet trackers use radio technology and controllers, so criminals can't get information about pets and users. There is no subscription after purchasing the pet tracker, so the merchant can't get the user's private information.

Compact size

Aorkuler pet tracker is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, perfect for small dogs. Using this tracker in daily life will not burden them.

Good after-sales service

The Aorkuler team is committed to serving every user. If you encounter any problems during the use of the tracker, you can send an email to them. They will actively solve it for you.



If you’re thinking about getting a GPS tracker for pets, Aorkuler is a great choice. It can locate your pet in real time, so you can easily track your pet's whereabouts.

At the same time, it eliminates the need for additional subscription fees, which reduces the financial burden on users. All in all, the Aorkuler pet tracker is a good product.


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