Is the Aorkuler dog GPS tracker worth it?


When it comes to tracking our furry friends, the Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker is a game changer. This innovative device offers real-time tracking with no monthly fees or cellular network required. With its compact and waterproof design, it provides pet owners with peace of mind and the ability to find their pets quickly and easily.

We will look at the key features of the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker, its design, functionality, user experience, and how to get the most out of its trick results, respectively.


Design and Quality

The Aorkuler GPS dog tracker has a globally unique design that sets it apart from other pet trackers on the market. It has a built-in screen that provides clear, loss-proof real-time tracking without the need for a phone or complicated app setup.

Not only is the device rugged and IP67 rated for water resistance, it can also withstand short periods of swimming and diving. Its durable construction ensures that it can accompany your dog on all his adventures without any hassle.

Key Features and Functions

One of the outstanding features of the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker is its inherent ability to track in real time and over long distances. You can easily check your dog's real-time location and distance without having to download any apps or activate a phone.

In open areas, the tracking radius can reach an impressive 3.5 miles. The device enables continuous real-time tracking, also known as "real-time tracking" or "anti-lost radar search", minimizing latency and providing reliable location updates.

Benefits to users

The Aorkuler GPS dog tracker offers several benefits to pet owners. First, the tracker does not require monthly fees or subscriptions, making it a cost-effective option compared to other options on the market.

In addition, its stand-alone functionality means it does not rely on cellular networks or phone signals for tracking. This feature gives users greater flexibility and peace of mind knowing that they can find their pets even in areas with poor phone reception.

Comparison with similar products

Compared to similar products, the Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker stands out for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality. Unlike other trackers that require complex application installation and setup, the Aorkuler tracker simplifies the tracking process with its built-in screen and intuitive design.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker has its pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at:

- No monthly fees or subscriptions required
- Real-time tracking, not dependent on cellular networks
- Compact and waterproof design
- Inherent long-range real-time tracking capability
- Louder sound and brighter light alerts for easy location

- Lack of additional features such as electronic fencing or activity monitoring

User experience and reviews

Real user experiences and testimonials from online reviews further highlight the effectiveness and satisfaction of users of the Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker. Customers praise the device's ability to accurately track their pets in real time, especially outdoors and in spacious areas. Many appreciate the simplicity of the device and the fact that it does not require cellular service or a monthly fee.

The audible and light alarms were praised for their effectiveness in locating pets, even in challenging situations. While some users have expressed a desire for more features, the overall picture is positive, with customers appreciating the responsiveness of the Aorkuler customer service team and product improvements.

Tips and tricks for users

To get the most out of your Aorkuler GPS dog tracker, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

1. Make sure you fully charge both the controller and the tracker before first use.

2. Rely on the direction and distance display provided on the built-in screen to take advantage of the device's real-time tracking.

3. Familiarize yourself with the device's sound and light alerts to easily locate your pet, especially in poorly lit or obstructed environments.

4. It is not recommended that you use it at home, it is designed for outdoor sports.

5. When not tracking, please turn off the device to save power.

6. Due to weather or environment, sometimes it takes longer to search the satellite, please be patient or move to a place with better signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I turn the device on if it is not responding?
A: If the device does not turn on after pressing the power button, try charging it for 10-15 minutes. If the red light is flashing, indicating a low battery, charging should fix the problem. If it still does not respond, press the reset button after 10-15 minutes of charging and try turning the device on again.


In conclusion, the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safe. With no monthly fees, no subscriptions, and no phone calls required, this tracker stands out from the competition. Its innovative design, real-time tracking capabilities and strong audible and visual alerts ensure that you can find your pet quickly and easily.

While it may lack some advanced features, the Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker excels in its main function of providing peace of mind.


  • Posted on by Anonymous

    Personally, I’ve been using the Aorkuler GPS tracker for my furry friend, and I must say it’s been fantastic! One of the standout features is that it doesn’t require a SIM card, which means no additional monthly fees or reliance on cellular networks. The independent design of the Aorkuler tracker allows it to work flawlessly even in rural areas where signal strength may be limited. I love how accurate the tracking is, thanks to its e-compass system, providing me with peace of mind knowing I can easily locate my pet if they wander off. The Aorkuler tracker is also incredibly durable and water-resistant, perfect for our outdoor adventures. Setting it up was a breeze, and the user-friendly interface makes tracking a breeze. Overall, I highly recommend the Aorkuler GPS tracker for pet owners looking for a reliable and SIM card-free solution to keep their furry friends safe and sound!

  • Posted on by David Gentile

    For those concerned about the safety of their dogs, investing in a GPS tracker is a worthwhile consideration. Personally, I am currently exploring the option of purchasing an Aorkuler tracker. One feature that particularly appeals to me is its ability to operate in rural areas, where reliable cellular networks may be limited. Before making my purchase, I would like to inquire if there are any ongoing promotions or discounts available for the Aorkuler tracker. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted on by Evelyn Waugh

    I enjoy taking my dog on outdoor adventures in remote areas, and ensuring his safety is my top priority, even when he is out of my sight. I had been researching Garmin trackers as a means to track him, but they were beyond my budget. However, I recently discovered Aorkuler as an ideal and more affordable alternative. I purchased one from Amazon, and so far, it has exceeded my expectations. It provides me with peace of mind, allowing me to fully enjoy outdoor adventures with my dog. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

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