1. Product light indication

 Product Indicator light Implication
Controller/Tracker ☀︎ Charging (when in charging)
Fully charged
(when in charging)

Per second

GPS positioning

Every 5 seconds

GPS positioned


Successful wireless communication


Power on

5 seconds

Power off

6 times

Low power
Night light (LED) function



2. The device can not turn on and the indicator light does not light up when charging.

Aorkuler has enabled the battery lock mode to prevent damage during shipping. Press the reset button with the pin in the package and wait for it to reboot. This operation is safe and harmless for your device.


3.The screen displays , what do I need to do?

Aorkuler provides easy-to-follow directions to track your dog better. To show you the right way, the geomagnetic calibration is required. When that symbol appears, please hold the controller in your hand and wave your arm in the shape of an “∞” to calibrate the geomagnetic sensor of the controller.

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