Tracking Your Furry Friend: GPS Locator for Dogs


Do you own a furry friend? Do you worry about their safety when they are not with you?

The pet smart industry created the GPS locator for dogs as it rose in popularity. It plays an important role when your pet is lost. Reading this article will take the worry out of picking a GPS locator for dogs.

1.The Birth of GPS Locator for Dogs

Furry friends can bring emotional value and other benefits to pet owners. They can ease the owner's anxiety and reduce the owner's stress. They also keep their owners safe when there are.

In the United States, many people are starting to own pets. They keep each other company and have long had an emotional bond with each other. For pet owners, dogs are as important as family. The sincere and unique love of a furry friend is also healing pet owners and bringing them joy.

According to Twinkl, a British online educational publisher, "Dogs exemplify loyalty. Beyond companionship, dogs are also fiercely loyal to their humans. It's almost as if, not only do we humans take on the labels of fur parents, but dogs treat us as family as well. They stay by our side and, in their way, care about us."


But while our furry friends provide us with happiness, we should also keep them safe. As the number of families with dogs grows, so do the incidents of them getting lost.

Recently, you can see news of lost dogs on Google News. The first one is a community lost and found, expecting contact from the owner. The second one shows the Marin Humane Society picking up the dog from the police station and waiting for the owner to contact them.lost dog

lost dog

Pet owners get anxious and sad after their furry friends are lost. And dogs may feel very anxious and scared after their owners separate from them.

In this case, to protect the safety of furry friends, people invented the GPS locator for dogs. It reduces dog loss and decreases the chances of not being able to retrieve your dog after it is lost.

By introducing this advanced technological device, the safety of your furry friends can be better protected.

2.Guide to Choosing a GPS Locator for Dogs

There are two types of GPS locators for dogs on the market. One type is a dog GPS locator that consists of GPS and a cellular network, such as Whistle and PitPat. The other type is a dog GPS locator that consists of GPS and radio, such as the Aorkuler. 

2.1 Whistle

Whistle's dog GPS locator requires the use of a cellular network. It is suitable for areas with good cellular signals. This GPS locator for dogs transmits location data through a nearby cellular base station after GPS location. The pet owner can check it on the cellular app.

If the pet owner lives in a rural or suburban area with few nearby cellular base stations, the experience of using this locator may not be effective.

Since it requires the use of a cellular network, the pet owner needs to pay a monthly subscription fee to the service provider. Just like we use cellular communication, we need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Whistle's GPS locator for dogs can track your pet's location and monitor their health and activity in real time. Users can check their pet's activity and sleeping patterns anytime on the mobile app. It provides owners with more convenient and comprehensive pet care and management.

I intercepted some reviews about the whistle dog GPS locator at Amazon.

You can see from the reviews that pet owners are satisfied with its monitoring function. By checking the pet data information, pet owners can know how their pets are doing physically.


When the pet owner and pet are in a place with a weak cellular signal, the location data transmission will slow down. So, the pet owner cannot view the real-time location of the pet on the app. This also leads to times when the owner doesn't know exactly where the dog is.

In the review, Joe Hwang complains that the location and recording features of this GPS locator for dogs are not perfect. There are times when the locator doesn't transmit the dog's information to the phone app in time.

Sam Ware said that the GPS locator for dogs often falls off the collar. After using it for some time, the locator went missing. During the search for the locator, it did not function. Whistle's service provider compensated users by waiving the subscription fee for only one month.


2.2 PitPat

The PitPat dog GPS locator works in the same way as Whistle's locator. It also requires a good cellular signal in the areas where it is used.

The difference between them is that PitPat does not require a monthly subscription fee from the service provider. But PitPat costs one to two times more than Whistle to purchase.

This GPS locator for dogs also can monitor your pet's health and activity. Users can selectively buy it based on their situation and their pet's needs.

I have intercepted some reviews about PitPat Dog GPS Locator from Amazon.

As you can know from the reviews, PitPat's locator is compact and won't burden our furry friends. The locator is practical and able to find the location of your dog. However, Jav's review mentions that this tracker does not use 4G or 5G, which is required.


The location feature does not work properly when the user is in a place with a poor cellular signal. It doesn't work for the safety and protection of the dog. So, if there are few cellular base stations near the user's location, he/she can choose to buy a pet tracker with radio technology.



2.3 Aorkuler

Aorkuler dog GPS locator transmits the location data to the controller via radio technology after GPS location. The user can view the pet's location information through the controller. Using the controller helps save space on your phone and protects your private data from being stolen by others.

The controller has two display modes. When the dog is nearby, the tracker connects to the controller via Bluetooth and displays "nearby". Another situation is when the dog is far away from the owner. In this case, the GPS location is updated to show the exact direction of the dog.

People in rural or suburban areas can use the Aorkuler tracker. You can also use this tracker if you like to take your furry friend on weekend adventures where cellular signals are weak.

This GPS locator for dogs does not require the use of a cellular network. The strength of the cellular signal does not affect your pet's location data transmission. It is capable of real-time tracking, and the owner can keep abreast of the pet's location.

And Aorkuler Dog GPS Locator has no extra cost after purchase. It does not have to pay a monthly subscription fee to the service provider every month. For some pet owners, it can reduce the financial burden.

I intercepted some reviews of Aorkuler Dog GPS Locator on Amazon.

Users say there is no subscription fee for this pet tracker, and it tracks their pet's location in real-time. This gives pet owners great peace of mind.

And pet owners use Aorkuler's sound feature to train their dogs to come home when they hear a sound. This is a very good idea.


The Aorkuler GPS locator for dogs does not work near dense and tall buildings. When something blocks the GPS signal, the tracker takes a little while to connect to the signal.

But all devices that require the use of GPS to locate the location will have this problem when the GPS signal is obstructed. This problem is not unique to the Aorkuler.



3.Why don't recommend AirTag?

AirTag connects to Apple's cell phone using Bluetooth technology. This allows users to track the location of their belongings with precision. Users can easily find their belongings using AirTag.

However, AirTag is not suitable for active pets. If there is no Apple cell phone or other Apple device nearby, the pet owner won't know where their pet is.

Apple officially states that AirTag is best suited for static objects and advises against using it for tracking pets.

AirTag's small size makes it easy for curious dogs to accidentally eat it. This will bring unnecessary trouble to pet owners and pose a threat to the health of dogs.


In the heart of every pet owner, there is a heartfelt concern for the safety of their furry friends. This relationship goes beyond mere ownership and evolves into a precious bond.

With so much uncertainty these days, the safety of your pet is of paramount importance. This is where a dog GPS locator comes in handy. It acts as the dog's guardian in our absence.

Choosing the right pet tracker based on your needs can make life easier for you and keep your pet safe. Hopefully, everyone will not lose their pet after using a pet tracker.


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