Puppy Tracker Collar: Hiking Freedom and Safety in 2024


Hiking with your dog is something that many dog parents who love the outdoors want to do. However, dog parents often worry about their dog's safety during outdoor activities.

Dogs are active by nature and may get lost on a hike as they chase their prey. In this case, it reflects the importance of the puppy tracker collar.

Dog parents go on hiking trips, usually in suburban areas or places with few cellular base stations. In these places, it is advisable not to use a puppy tracker collar that requires a cellular signal to transmit data.

This is because when the cellular signal is weak, the dog parents cannot check their dog's location in time. This may cause unnecessary trouble for the dog's safety.

However, Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar uses radio technology to transmit location information. It not only allows dog parents to see their dog's location information at any time but also allows them to hike with their dog freely and safely.


1. Aorkuler's Puppy Tracker Collar: Basic Introduction

Dog parents need to prepare many daily necessities and medical supplies when hiking with their dogs. However, most dog parents forget to pack a puppy tracker collar, which they only remember when their dog gets lost while hiking.

Although there are many different brands of puppy tracker collars available in the market, it is not easy to choose the best puppy tracker collars for hiking.

Puppies are in the growth stage; they need to exercise a lot while getting enough sleep. And puppy is in the critical period of socialization, it needs a lot of social activities to adapt to different environments and scenes.

So, dog parents can often take puppies for outdoor activities. But the cellular signal is weak when doing outdoor activities in the suburbs. Dog parents need to pick puppy tracker collar carefully.

However, the Aorkuler pet tracker has come up to solve the worries of dog parents. It consists of GPS and radio technology. There is no need to use a cellular network during normal operation.

During hiking trips, when the dog has been following behind the dog parent, Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar connects the controller and the tracker via Bluetooth.

When the dog is far away from the parents, Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar uses GPS to locate the dog and radio technology to transmit data. This allows the parents to view their dog's location in real-time on the controller's screen.

Users do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee to a cellular carrier when a cellular network is not necessary. Most puppy tracker collars on the market require the dog parent to pay a subscription fee.

However, some trackers have a cumbersome or even non-refundable subscription fee refund process after the dog's parents don't use the device.

This Aorkuler puppy tracker collar is waterproof and has sound and night flash in addition to real-time tracking and no subscription fee. Dog parents can keep their dogs safe by giving them a tracker to wear while hiking.

A user on Quora once lost his dog while hiking. He finally found his dog after hours of misery. He began to realize the importance of having a pet tracker.

Quora hiking

2. Aorkuler's Puppy Tracker Collar: Hiking Companion

2.1 Real-time Tracking

Most dog parents like to go hiking in the countryside. However, in these places cellular signals are weak. Dog parents should use a device that transmits location data by radio technology.

Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar is not dependent on cellular networks. It tracks the dog's location in real-time regardless of the cellular signal around the dog.

2.2 Using a Controller

Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar uses a tracker-controller connection because cell phones don't work in the suburbs when the cellular signal is weak.

When dog parents use this tracker in the suburbs, they can see the direction of their dog's location on the controller's screen at any time. It adopts the electronic compass method, so the dog parents don't have to worry about not easily finding their dog in unfamiliar places.

2.3 Waterproof

As puppies are more curious and active about new things, they may go to the water to play. Dog parents need to pick a pet tracker that works well in water.

For the safety of your dog, Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar waterproof is a high priority. It has a waterproof rating of IP67. Even if the puppy falls into the water on a hike, the tracker will still be able to track the puppy in real time.

2.4 Sound and Night Flashing

Aorkuler's pet tracker has a sound and night flash feature. These two features can help dog parents find their dogs. Meanwhile, dog parents can also use the sound function to train their puppy.

When the controller shows that the dog is near the owner but doesn't show up because of injury or hiding, the sound and night flash function can help the dog parent find a puppy.

With a good line of sight, dog parents can turn on the sound feature. Then follow the sound from the tracker to find the dog.

In case of poor vision, dog parents can turn on the night flash function. Then follow the light from the tracker to find the dog.

When a puppy is near the dog parent, the dog parent can use the sound function to train it. For example, turn on the sound function and call the dog to come to the owner, and then the owner feeds it.

Keep repeating this behavior and when the puppy hears the beeping sound from the tracker, it will come right back to the owner for a snack.

This is a great support feature for dog parents who want to train their puppy. It will not cause physical harm to the puppy.

2.5 Protecting Privacy

Privacy is an important private property for everyone. In this era of big data, privacy leakage is common. We need to protect our privacy data as much as possible.

Aorkuler's pet tracker doesn't use cellular networks or mobile apps, limiting to the greatest extent possible how unscrupulous people can get access to users' private data.

Dog parents don't have to worry about privacy leakage when using this puppy tracker collar.

2.6 Compact Size

Puppies are small and wearing a large tracker can be a burden to their lives. Pet trackers that use a cellular network, such as Tractive, are larger in size and width than the Aorkuler. Thus, the Aorkuler is lighter in weight.

Dog parents wear Aorkuler's pet tracker for Puppy, and Puppy's neck won't get too tired while hiking.

I intercepted reviews on Amazon about dog parents hiking with their dogs. They wore Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar for their dogs. They said that this pet tracker was helpful for them.

Amazon hiking review
Amazon hiking review

It should be noted that it is not recommended to use Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar in dense buildings and thick forests. These places can block the GPS signal and may affect the accuracy of your dog's location.


Losing a dog while traveling is a painful event for dog parents. Dog parents can buy a suitable puppy tracker collar according to their needs as soon as possible.

The advantages of Aorkuler's puppy tracker collar, such as real-time tracking, no cellular network required, waterproof, etc., can help dog parents protect their dogs during the hiking trip.

Hopefully, dog parents can be more relaxed when hiking with their dogs after purchasing a puppy tracker collar.

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