How to Use Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker to Find Your Dog in Areas with No Cell Phone Signal


Have you ever wondered what you would do if your dog got lost in a place where there is no cell phone signal? This can be every dog owner's nightmare, but there is a product that can help you avoid this situation. It is the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker, a no subscription dog GPS tracker that works in remote areas without cell phone signal, suitable for dog owners who live in rural areas, suburbs or who like to take their dogs outdoor hiking. In this article, we'll cover its features, benefits, performance and price, as well as how to use it.


What is the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker?

The Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker is a real-time, accurate, and easy-to-use GPS pet tracker that doesn't require a subscription, monthly fee, or cellular signal. It can track a dog's real-time position and distance without downloading apps or turning on a phone.


How it works?

Traditional trackers that require a subscription, after the tracker obtains the location coordinates via GPS satellites, need to transmit the data to the carrier's servers with the help of cellular networks, and then transmit the data on the servers to the dog's parents' mobile app with the help of cellular networks. Therefore, without a reliable cellular network, the traditional subscription-based tracker will not work properly.

Aorkuler is more reliable because it doesn't rely on cellular network, all the data is done peer-to-peer between the tracker and the controller, so it's more reliable (not dependent on a third party), no monthly fee is required, the data is transmitted directly, so it won't leak any privacy, and it's authentic real-time tracking.

Differences Aorkuler and subscription-based Tracker


Pros and Cons

In comparison, the advantages and disadvantages of the Aorkuler dog GPS tracker and most dog trackers that require a subscription are:

- Advantages of Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker are: no monthly fee, no cell phone required, real-time tracking, suitable for suburbs, rural areas or other remote areas, waterproof and dustproof, audible and visual alarms, simple operation, privacy protection;
- The disadvantages of Aorkuler dog GPS tracker are: need to calibrate the geomagnetic sensor manually, no APP related function at the moment, not suitable for dense cities and indoor use.

- Advantages of most subscription-based dog GPS trackers are: lower hardware purchase price, no need to manually calibrate geomagnetic sensors, the ability to view historical track or activity data, and the ability to set up safe zones.
- The disadvantages of most subscription-based dog GPS trackers are: monthly fee (and not cheap), cell phone required, not suitable for remote areas, some are not water and dust resistant, complicated operation, privacy risk.




Subscription-based Dog Tracker


Device Price



Very High

Monthly fee

0 High 0

Total Cost



 Very High Over Time


Cell Service

 Not Require

 Relay On

 Not Require


 Not Require

 Relay On

 Not Require

Tracking Mode

 Full LIVE

 With Delay

 Full LIVE

Water Proof


 Some Yes







 Small & Light

 Small & Light

 Big & Heavy

Features Less More Medium



How to use?

No need to download APP, no need to activate, charge and turn on to use. Please refer to the tutorial video.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Does the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker require a subscription or activation?

A: No, Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker does not depend on any carrier network, so you don't need to pay any subscription or activation fees, just buy the device itself and use it.

Q: Why are subscription based dog GPS tracker devices cheaper in comparison?

A: The hardware module of subscription based dog GPS tracker is relatively simple and there is a mature supply chain in China. If you are a tech enthusiast and have good hands-on skills, you can build a subscription-based dog GPS tracker by yourself. (Since you only need raw materials for one tracker, it will be quite expensive; if you are a brand purchasing in bulk, the cost of a subscription-based GPS tracker is so cheap that it will make your jaw drop.) Additionally, the reason subscription-based trackers have expensive monthly fees is because they require the use of a carrier's network service to transmit location data, which incurs additional costs and fees. There's another portion of objective profit for the brand that needs to be set aside here (as long as you're using it, then the brand keeps getting a hefty commission from the subscription fee).

Q: Does the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker require a cell phone or web page to view the location?

A: No. The Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker uses advanced wireless technology to display your dog's location and direction directly on the controller, wherever you are, without the aid of a cell phone or web page.

Q: How waterproof is the Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker?

A: Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker is IP67 rated waterproof and can work under water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. So you don't have to worry about your dog damaging the device while playing in the rain or water.


This is an option worth considering for dog parents who live in rural or suburban areas or who like to take their dogs on outdoor hiking adventures.Aorkuler is still offering a return window of up to 30 days and there's no nightmare of subscription fee refunds involved, so you can try and experience it with confidence.

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