How to protect our pets with GPS pet trackers?


Today, pets have become an integral part of many households. So, what are the benefits that come with owning a pet?

At the same time, how can you ensure the safety of your pet? In this case, should you purchase a GPS pet tracker as a protective measure? What GPS pet trackers are recommended?

While enjoying the happiness brought to us by our pets, we also need to think about their safety. Pets are active by nature and can easily get lost while out exploring or playing freely. To ensure the safety of pets, we need to take some effective measures in advance.

In this article, we will introduce the benefits of owning a pet and recommend a very valuable Aorkuler GPS pet tracker to you. By using this tracker, we can keep track of the location of our pets. Be able to find lost pets in time for their safety.


1.The value of pets

1.1 Reduce loneliness

Loneliness has great harm to people's physical and mental health. As people get older, they are more and more likely to feel lonely. In real life, everyone has their own independent life. They cannot be with each other every day.

However, pets can fill this loneliness. Pets give people unconditional love and emotional support. They can become companions in people's lives.

In spending time with their pets, people can experience the unconditional emotion they give. This emotional value is valuable to people. Pets can effectively reduce loneliness and bring positive effects on people's mental health.

1.2 Reduces stress

Studies have found that interacting with pets significantly reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, in the human body.

Pets are very sensitive to changes in human emotions. They can catch bad human emotions in time. When pets sense that their owners are depressed, they initiate soothing behavior.

This active soothing behavior of pets not only helps to relieve human anxiety but also effectively reduces the probability of depression.

In addition, interacting with pets can also lower blood pressure, which is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Having a pet can lower anxiety and stress, while also promoting overall physical and mental well-being.

Below is a screenshot of the article from the authoritative website helpguide.


1.3 Increase exercise time

Many pets possess an active nature, such as dogs. No matter what the weather is like, they are always eager to go out and play.

To fulfill the needs of pets, owners have to give a lot of time to take them to exercise. This is not only beneficial to the physical health of the pets, but can also motivate the owners to be more physically active.

Therefore, owning pets is good for humans to exercise and be healthier.

1.4 Increase the sense of happiness

When you come home tired, you open the door to find those furry companions greeting you. They gather at the door and can't wait to get close to you and each other. This will instantly take your mind off your tiredness and fill you with a sense of well-being.

1.5 Enhanced socialization

Pets can be a conversation starter. You will meet other pet owners during dog walks and can share your pet ownership experiences. You will also meet different pet owners when taking your pet to the park. Owners are also socializing as their pets play with their kind.

In the forums of Quora, you can see people mentioning that owning a pet improves social skills.



2.Aorkuler Pet Tracker

There are several GPS pet trackers on the market today. One type of GPS pet tracker consists of GPS and a 4G or cellular network. It has a monthly subscription fee and cannot be used in places with weak cellular signals.

Another type of GPS pet tracker consists of GPS and radio transmission. This type of GPS pet tracker does not depend on cellular networks. It can be used in rural or suburban areas. And there is no monthly subscription fee.

Aorkuler pet tracker belongs to the second type. It has real-time location, waterproofing, sound, and flash function. And it protects user privacy.

2.1 Real-time location

The first type of GPS pet tracker transmits location information through the cellular base station. It will take some time in the transmission process. So, it can't be located in real-time. When the pet location information is received on the cell phone, the actual location of the pet is already somewhere else.

Aorkuler's pet tracker, on the other hand, realizes a direct connection with satellites through a built-in GPS chip. It does not need to go through a cellular base station but uses radio waves to transmit information. Thus, real-time localization is possible.

This GPS pet tracker is a good choice if your pet lives in rural areas, or suburbs or usually ventures to places with weak cellular signals. There is no monthly subscription fee, and you can also receive real-time information about your pet's location.

2.2 Waterproof

Aorkuler pet tracker not only has a powerful tracking function but also has a waterproof design. Even if your pet accidentally falls into a puddle during daily activities, this tracker will still work. Owners also have more peace of mind when using the Aorkuler Pet Tracker. It keeps your pet safe no matter what time of the day it is.

2.3 Sound and Flash Functions

The Aorkuler pet tracker uses a controller to display the pet's location. When the pet is near the owner, it will show "nearby"; when the pet is far away, it will show the direction.

Sometimes the controller shows "nearby", but the owner doesn't see the pet. The pet does not appear even after calling out.

If this happens, the owner can turn on the sound function to further locate the pet's exact position. Aorkuler pet tracker has a loud sound, when the device beeps, the owner can quickly determine where the pet is.

When the controller indicates that the pet is near the owner at night or when visibility is poor, the flash function can be turned on. Aorkuler's pet tracker has three different colors of light, which are very visible when flashing. This improves the owner's success rate in finding the pet.

2.4 Privacy

In this era of big data, privacy has become a priority for people to protect. Privacy is people's private property.

However, the advancement of technology has allowed more capitalists to gain access to user privacy. They analyze users' shopping preferences through users' privacy to recommend some advertisements that users are interested in.

Some of them even share user privacy with their partners. Our information is visible to the capitalists. We are like "running naked" in the world.

The Aorkuler pet tracker uses radio technology and a controller display mode to minimize the risk of potential privacy breaches. By utilizing radio technology, the tracker effectively prevents the possibility of hackers accessing the user's private data through radio attacks.

In addition, users do not need to download a mobile app to view their pet's location information, which means that Aorkuler is unable to access the user's personal information. Therefore, using a secure GPS pet tracker is necessary to ensure the safety of personal privacy.

pet tracker


Pets, as our partners in life, give us endless joy and happiness. To reduce the risk of losing pets, owners can choose to buy an Aorkuler pet tracker for prevention.

By using a pet tracker, owners can track the location of their pets at any time. It can prevent pets from getting lost or accidentally injured.

This preventative measure not only provides peace of mind to the owner but also allows the pet to enjoy more freedom and fun while out and about.

Choose an Aorkuler pet tracker to make our pet's life safer and happier!

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