[Winners Announcement] Help us improve our instructional documents and win a free tracker or other prizes!


***Updated  on Winners on Dec 5, 2023***


Winners Announcement

Thank you to all those who participated in the event. Based on the feedback from the comments, we are happy to announce that:

  • First Prize:       (1)  John H
  • Second Prize:  (2)  Makenna Ransom and  Tyler S.
  • Third Prize:      (2) M and Kenneth Ransom.

Congratulations to all the winners, we will contact you within 2 days via email to confirm your prize.

Thanks again to all of you for your interest in this event.
We wish you a happy life and good luck!



***Original Information on ***

We value your opinion and want to make sure our instructional documents are easy to understand and follow. Therefore, we invite you to share your ideas and suggestions to help us improve the relevant documents.

All you need to do is

  1. - Download our User Manual and Quick Start.
  2. - Read both documents carefully and look for any parts that are unclear, inaccurate, confusing or unpleasant to you.
  3. - Leave your comment at the bottom of this post and explain what you think should be changed or improved, and why.
  4. - Remember to leave your name and e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

We will review all comments and select the best based on quality, relevance and originality.

The winner will receive a free prize as listed below:

Prize #1: 1 winner, a brand new Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Pro
Prize #2: 2 winners, a $100 coupon each;
Prize #3: 3 to 5 winners, each receiving an Aorkuler Harness or a $50 coupon.

The deadline for submitting reviews is Nov 30, 2023. We will announce the winners on our website and on this post by December 5, 2023 and the prizes will be awarded immediately.

Thank you for your participation and good luck!



  • Posted on by john H

    1.“Turn on/off the device“→“Turn on/off the devices”
    2.“To install the controller antenna, please…”→ “To install the controller antenna, align it with the interface on the upper left of the controller and rotate it to secure.” to improve the simplicity of expression.
    3.“Hold the device firmly in your hand and wave your arm in the shape of an ‘8’ in the air." → “Hold the device firmly and wave it in a figure-eight motion in the air.”
    4.“When the controller detects…”→ “When the controller detects the Bluetooth signal from the nearby tracker, it displays ‘Nearby,’ indicating successful communication.”
    5. “Once you’ve made your selection, press the multi-function button again to confirm and activate the chosen function.”→ “Press the multi-function button again to confirm and activate your selection.”
    6.“For accurate direction indication, it is recommended to keep the controller in a horizontal position during use.”→ “Keep the controller horizontal for accurate direction indication.”
    7.“It operates without relying on cellular networks, making it suitable for areas with limited or no cellular signal coverage.” → “It operates without cellular network reliance, suitable for areas with limited or no signal coverage.”
    8. “Depending on the environment, the positioning process can take several seconds to three minutes (and may take longer if affected by weather or surrounding conditions).” with “Especially in adverse weather or complex surroundings,”
    9. “This will prevent the tracker from automatically turning off the GPS and entering a power-saving mode if it hasn’t received any commands from the controller for an extended period.” →“This prevents the tracker from automatically turning off GPS and entering power-saving mode due to prolonged inactivity.”
    10.Matters Needing Attention" → “Important Considerations” or “Key Points”

  • Posted on by Kenneth Ransom
    I’m so excited that Aorkuler has offered this campaign to allow their customers the opportunity to review the product manual and quick start guide with the potential to win an Aorkuler GPS tracker Pro, $100 coupon or a Aorkuler harness. I have been searching for a GPS tracker that did not require cell service to operate for more than a year. Our home and property is located in that area in Pennsylvania that does not have cell service available. In addition we have 4 young family dogs that have a tendency to run off and the Aorkuler GPS tracker would help our family keep our animals safe by making us aware of our dogs movement off our property and into an area they do not belong. So I very much appreciate this opportunity.

    I found the Quick start guide helpful and found the following changes/corrections might improve customer understanding:

    Page 2 Quick start guide correction as follows:
    “GPS updating” be sure use …change to… “GPS updating” be sure to use….

  • Posted on by john H

    I’m purchasing a Pro for my Beagles at Black Friday prices, and plan to review the manual in detail based on my use, in an effort to get another Pro for my Falcons through the campaign.

  • Posted on by Makenna Ransom

    First I just wanna say how excited I was to find this campaign !! And how over the mood I would be if I got lucky enough to receive one of the collars I’ve been looking at them sense the first version came out ! Now for the correction on page 6/19 3. Tracking it say relative to controller I think that maybe saying something along the lines of “ paired controller” instead of relative possibly might help that section make a bit easier to understand
    And then also on the page where it talks about state of switching to nearby gps it says as you move close it’ll pair Bluetooth when you distance from one another gos turns on I think that adding the actual distance at which this function happens would be really help full in there example does Bluetooth turn on at a range of 10ft ? 50ft? Maybe even 100? Feet ? Know how close your dog needs to be to the controller to save on precious battery life is definitely a piece of information I would want to know to best optimize my run time while away from home and or a way to recharge it ! The quick start manual looked pretty good in my opinion ! I really hope my comment is of some help !

  • Posted on by Tyler S.

    Overall – Most of the instructions are straightforward. I think to complety eliminate any confusion/misunderstanding from the user, you could have a QR code in the instructions that a user could scan and watch short clips of the proper way to perform each step.

    Page 5 – Turn on/off – May be helpful to put a note to clarify if a user needs to hold both the controller and tracker for 3 seconds or if turning the controller on also turns the tracker on or vice versa. (Same comment for turning off.)

    Page 5 – Working Mode – In the sentence that says if you cant visually see your dog, you can utilize the sound and light alarm functionality…. May be helpful to direct the user such as ’you can utilize the sound and light alarm functionality (Reference Sound or Light Alarm section on page 6.)

    Page 8 – Button Function – On/Off – Where it says ‘Short press: the red light flashes once’. Add (Reference LED legend on page 10.) also would recommend adding a single red flash to the LED legend on page 10.

    Page 12 – FAQ – There are two questions numbered as question 9. The first question 9 is on page 12 and the second question 9 is on page 13.

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