Does the Tractive GPS Tracker need cellular network coverage to work?


Yes, Tractive trackers come equipped with a built-in SIM card, utilizing it to transmit data, such as your pet's location, to your app over the cellular (mobile) network. A strong cellular network coverage ensures that the tracker can establish a stable connection and consistently provide you with location updates.


It's important to keep in mind, though, that the tracker won't connect to the exact same network as your smartphone. Trackers can't access as many frequency bands as mobile phones can. The frequency bands available for trackers operating over cellular networks might have limited coverage in some areas. Consequently, even if your phone can catch a cellular signal in certain places, a dog tracker relying on a cellular network might not function optimally.


But what if you're in an area with poor cellular coverage?

In situations where the cellular coverage is weak or nonexistent, Tractive dog trackers, which rely on cellular signals, might struggle to establish a connection with the network and transmit data back to your app. This can result in challenges when trying to track your dog in such regions.

Moreover, in areas with subpar cellular coverage, the tracker's battery life can decrease. This is because the tracker needs to put in more effort to establish a connection to the cellular network, leading to higher battery consumption.

Hence, in regions with unstable cellular network coverage, the Tractive GPS tracker might not function as expected.


What if you've already purchased a Tractive dog tracker? Is it necessary to invest in another GPS tracker that doesn't depend on cellular networks?

The answer depends on your specific usage scenario. If you and your dog tend to stay in areas with consistently strong cellular signals, the Tractive GPS tracker should generally fulfill your requirements for ensuring your dog's safety. However, if you're planning to venture into areas with weak or no cellular signal for outdoor activities, it would be prudent to consider a dog tracker that operates independently of the cellular network. This would provide you with peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

It's worth noting that this kind of dog GPS tracker, which doesn't rely on mobile phone signals, is distinct from Tractive GPS trackers. These alternative trackers often employ an independent communication system to transmit location information. This means you wouldn't need a subscription to use them, unlike Tractive.

For those seeking dog trackers that don't require a cell phone signal to operate, our research and user reviews suggest considering the Aorkuler dog tracker. This tracker is purpose-built for usage in areas with unstable cellular network coverage. What's more, it doesn't necessitate an additional subscription. It's an ideal option for situations where you intend to take your dog into areas with inconsistent cellular signals.

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