Choosing the Best GPS Dog Tracker for Poor Coverage


Living in a rural or remote area often brings the joy of vast landscapes and open trails, providing the perfect environment for dogs and their owners to explore. In such environments, dogs are keen to break free from their leashes and run freely, chasing wild animals that may appear. For dog owners in these places, GPS dog trackers become an important tool to ensure their furry friends can roam freely within easy reach. However, poor cell phone coverage can pose challenges for traditional dog GPS trackers that rely on cellular signals to work, especially when it comes to keeping adventurous dogs safe. 

How do you choose the best GPS dog tracker for areas with limited cell phone coverage to keep your canine companion safe on hikes and outdoor adventures?

Choose the right features:

When looking for a GPS dog collar in an area with poor signal coverage, it's important to focus on specific features:

  1. Long-range dog trackers: Look for devices designed specifically for remote or rural environments to ensure reliable performance even in areas with minimal cell phone coverage.
  2. GPS Only Pet Trackers: Choose a tracker that operates solely on GPS signals, eliminating reliance on cellular networks.
  3. No Mobile Coverage Dog GPS: Prioritize trackers with clear mention of their effectiveness in areas with no cell coverage or poor cell coverage.
  4. Choose a tracker for areas with poor signal quality: Consider the topography of your location and choose a tracker that can handle poor signal reception.


Comparison of Garmin GPS Tracker and Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker:

When it comes to famous radio dog GPS trackers that dont require a mobile signal, Garmin and Aorkuler stand out. Lets compare their products in the context of remote living and adventure dog activities:

  • Garmin GPS trackers: Known for reliability but tend to be more expensive, often used for tracking large hunting dogs.
  • Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker: Designed for family companion dogs in rural or remote areas, it provides reliable GPS tracking with no subscription or monthly fees, and the price is about 30% of Garmin.

For those who enjoy hiking in remote areas with their dogs, a GPS dog tracker can be a game-changer. It ensures you can enjoy the ride without having to worry about losing your furry companion. With the right tracker, your dog can freely explore and chase deer and other wildlife, while you have the peace of mind knowing their location is constantly monitored.


Avoid monthly subscription fees:

One of the concerns for dog owners in remote areas is the potential burden of a monthly subscription fee. The Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker stands out for providing reliable GPS tracking without any monthly fees. This is especially beneficial for those who want a one-time investment without ongoing costs.

In vast countryside or remote areas, choosing the best GPS dog tracker is crucial to the safety and enjoyment of your adventurous canine companion. The Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker is a great option, designed for areas with poor cell phone coverage, to keep your dog safe during your hiking adventures and allow them to explore freely while you confidently navigate remote trails. Equipped with the right GPS tracking technology, say goodbye to worries and enjoy exploring with your furry friend.

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