Aorkuler Black Friday Event 2023


After the launch of New model "Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Pro" by Aorkuler, we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers about the positioning time and wireless reliability.

On the occasion of the big promotion, the Events Plan for Aorkuler during Black Friday has been launched. Please be aware of it and purchase your Aorkuler in appropriate time and channel. Thank you for your attention!


Black Friday Deals

- 1) Amazon US 🇺🇸

> Time: November 17th to November 27th

> Discount: about -50$, your purchase price is about 249-50=199$

Whether you are an Amazon Prime member or a non-member, we have exclusive links for you to buy, all enjoy the biggest discount of about -50$ for the whole year.


- 2) Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 

for All Customers:

> Time: November 17th to November 19th 

> Discount: about -35C$, your purchase price is about 314C$

for Amazon Prime:

> Time: November 20th to November 27th

> Discount: about -70C$, your purchase price is about 279C$


- 3) Aorkuler Official Website

> Time: November 20th to November 27th

> Delivery: USPS or Amazon

> Discount: about -25$, your purchase price is about 224$


Thank you for your interest in Aorkuler and your favorites!



I. Early Deals

Event: Early Black Friday Deals

> Time: now through November 16th

> Purchase Channel: Amazon US 🇺🇸

> Delivery: Amazon

> Discount: -48$, your purchase price is about 249-48=201$

Don't want to wait for the Black Friday sale, avoid the peak, faster delivery.

Shop here.



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